Healing Karma with Reiki

by William Lee Rand

“Karma” is a Sanskrit word, which in its simplest form means “deed.” In Hindu philosophy, karma specifically refers to the deeds of the ego and the effects of those deeds. In an ultimate sense, all actions carried out by the ego affect the universe, causing it to be temporarily out of balance. The law of karma states that, to maintain balance, the universe directs the effects of one’s actions to eventually return to oneself.

All actions of the ego carry with them a karmic tracer that is both in the action and its effects and in the ego that created the action. It is this karmic tracer, acting like a deed of ownership, that causes the action to eventually return to the creator. Rather than the action itself being of primary importance, it is the intention of the one creating the action that determines the kind of karma that is created. A healthy positive intention will lead to a healthy positive effect when the karma returns; the opposite is also true.

Often the time it takes for the karma to return is more than one lifetime. When this is the case, the person usually isn’t aware that he or she is the creator. When this happens it will usually appear to the person that fortunate and/or unfortunate events are randomly happening to them, when in reality these events are the return of their own actions. Karma is the basis of one’s destiny—the seemingly inevitableness of events in the lives of some people.

When one fails to recognize that unfortunate events take place as the result of one’s own actions, there can be a tendency to blame others for them and to seek revenge. This misunderstanding creates further karma which binds one more firmly to one’s actions and the necessity to experience them, thus limiting one’s free will and restricting one’s ability to develop spiritually. This is called the wheel of karma.

One method of freeing oneself from the wheel of karma is to experience all of life’s ups and downs, living through the pain and difficulty as well as the fortunate events in a state of humble acceptance. By doing this, one allows one’s karma to return to oneself without creating more karma. By following this plan, one’s karma is eventually balanced. However, this can be very difficult to do. In addition to being very time consuming, often taking many lifetimes, it can also be very painful. The resolution of even one serious issue can often require years of suffering and difficulty.

Many of the illnesses and debilitating conditions people have are karmic in nature, being caused by actions the person has taken in this life or in past lives. In some healing circles and spiritual groups it is said that the reason a particular client isn’t healing is that the illness or debilitating condition is karmic and therefore the person must experience it in order to balance their karma. And because of this, supposedly there’s nothing the healer can do about it.

This idea has some validity, but only if we remain in this level of consciousness. It’s important to keep in mind that no matter what you are trying to accomplish in life, whether it’s to heal a condition, solve a problem or make your dreams come true, there is always a higher way. This concept also applies to solving karmic issues. The idea that one must experience one’s karma in order to move forward on one’s spiritual path is only valid as long as one makes use of this limited method of dealing with karma. There is a higher path to karmic healing that allows one to fulfill the purpose of karma, to heal quickly, and to move forward on one’s spiritual path with greatly reduced suffering.

This higher method makes use of the grace of the Higher Power, often administered through an enlightened being. We are all one with all that is. This means that we are one with the Higher Power, and we are one with all enlightened beings. Because of this, enlightened beings know that we are part of them too. They also possess tremendous love, wisdom and healing skill beyond our ability to comprehend. They are more than willing to help us heal and wait for us to make the opportunity available to them.

Keep in mind that the Higher Power has given each of us free will. This is something that is honored and respected by all enlightened beings. Because of this, they are unable to help us heal unless we ask that they do so. There are many ways to do this. The following is one method that has proven itself to be effective.

This technique can be used to heal your own karmic issues and can also be used to help others.If you’ve worked on a healing issue for a while with minimal results, or if the issue goes away, but keeps coming back, there’s a possibility that the issue has a karmic origin. Your intuition may also let you know the issue is karmic.

While the action of karma maintains balance in the universe, its main purpose is to help us learn about ourselves and how the universe works. Once we learn the lesson, the karma is no longer needed. It’s possible to enlist the aid of an enlightened being to help us learn the lesson and to balance the karma for us. This is a wonderful gift; helping us heal and move forward on our path through life, learning and growing as souls.

Karmic Healing Technique

1. Unless you already have a strong working connection with an enlightened being, it will be necessary for you to develop one. First you’ll need to decide which one you’d like to work with. One way to do this is by reading about some of them such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, St. Germaine, any of the archangels, etc. and then deciding on one you feel attracted to.
2. Once you’ve chosen an enlightened being to work with, begin sending Reiki to them. Do this every day as a meditation. You can use Reiki I energy to do this, or if you have any of the higher levels of Reiki, you could also use the Distant Healing symbol and Mental/Emotional symbol from Reiki II, or any other Reiki symbols you feel guided to use.
3. As you send Reiki, say a prayer asking the enlightened being to strengthen your connection to them for the purpose of assisting you in your healing work.
4. Do this every day for several weeks. As you continue, your connection will become stronger and stronger, and you’ll most likely begin to feel the presence of your enlightened being from time to time throughout the day. This will be a wonderful experience. At the end of this period, you’ll be ready to go to the next part.

The Technique
5. Once you’ve developed a strong working connection with your enlightened being, you’ll be ready to make use of your new healing partner. Don’t be concerned if you don’t feel a strong connection. If you’ve done the preparation as described above, the connection will be there even if you don’t feel it very strongly.
6. Decide on the issue you’d like to heal. This can be anything in your life that isn’t working well. It can include physical health issues, emotional and relationship issues, psychological issues, and spiritual issues.
7. Using the Distant Healing symbol if you have it, begin sending Reiki to your enlightened being. If you don’t have this symbol, simply think of your enlightened being and send Reiki.
8. As you send Reiki, say a prayer asking that the enlightened being help you heal your issue by balancing the karma and helping you learn the lesson.
9. After doing #7 & #8 for 5 minutes or so, direct your attention toward the issue you’d like to heal. Using the Distant Healing symbol, or if you don’t have this symbol, simply thinking about the issue, send Reiki to the issue. Do this for another 5-10 minutes.
10. Ask the enlightened being to heal the issue, including healing the karma associated with it. Ask that the karma be balanced and that you receive assistance in learning the lesson.
11. Continue sending Reiki for an additional 5-10 minutes or until you feel it’s time to end the session.
12. Be aware of any shift in your awareness or releasing of energy.
13. The lesson may come to you during the session or shortly after or could come to you in a daydream or a sleeping dream. Sometimes the lesson isn’t consciously learned, but is presented to and learned by parts of the subconscious. If this is the case, you may not have a strong conscious awareness of the lesson but may notice a positive change in your attitude toward those things connected to the issue.
14. Say a prayer of gratitude thanking the enlightened being for all the help and healing it has given you.
15. Repeat this process, if necessary, until the issue is completely healed.
16. Sometimes an issue is healed in stages. When this happens the issue will go away, and you’ll feel that it has healed, but later it appears to return. This doesn’t mean that the healed part is returning, but that another, deeper part is surfacing, ready to receive its healing. Simply continue with this technique until all the parts have been healed.

Being on a spiritual path is an exciting and rewarding experience. As we heal ever-deeper parts of ourselves, our outer world becomes more harmonious, healthy and prosperous. Let us be grateful for the many blessings that are available to us and rejoice in our ability to help others.