Reiki for Peace

by William Lee Rand

We live in a world where peace seems to be in short supply. Looking around us we find there is no lack of conflict and turmoil resulting in many difficult problems. There are problems with health, relationships, family, work, crime etc. Problems seem to exist in every area of life leaving people feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and dissatisfied, thus making it difficult to get along with others and to cope with life. This lack of peace also exists in our social and political systems causing war and struggle between nations and groups all over the planet. As we look at the history of the world, we see that this seems to have always been the case from the beginning of civilization. People feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied with life, struggling with each other and never finding lasting peace even though they actively seek it.

People want to be happy, they want to be at peace and from inside ourselves there comes a feeling that there must be a way. So people keep trying, and sometimes temporary solutions are found, but lasting, meaningful peace so often escapes us. Like trying to catch a rainbow in a jar or hold the ocean in our hands, our efforts seem to lack a basic understanding.

The reason peace is so hard to find is that the underlying assumption about what will bring peace is false. This false assumption is that peace will come by establishing and defending our separateness; separateness from other individuals, other ethnic groups, other religiouns, other countries etc. This causes unnecessary fear and unhealthy competitiveness toward others. We feel we must either fear others or dominate and control them to prevent them from penetrating the false barrier that we have created to preserve our separateness. This concept is so pervasive in our society that it has become an unconscious complusion that most don't even know they are acting on.

Thus, it has been felt that peace will come only when "our" group dominates all others. This has been true between nations as well as between ethnic groups and even religions. In fact, major problems have been caused by one religion trying to dominate all others-thus starting wars and causing great human suffering in the name of peace.

The assumption of separateness is an assumption without a soul. It creates the illusion of a world filled with separate pieces with no common essence to connect the pieces with each other so they can work in harmony. Therfore, peace is not possible as long as this assumption is acted on.

The truth is we are not separate, we are all interconnected and interdependent. Native peoples have known this all along. We are part of a web of life. Any change in one part of the web effects all other parts. Modern science has discovered this too. In the science of Chaos theory it's been discovered it is possible for a butterfly in China to flap its wings and in a few days create a hurricane off the coast of Florida. We are all connected. The connecting link between all living things are the forces of nature and most importantly, the life force. All people and all living things have the life force, the God force flowing through them. This is why we should respect all people, all groups, all life. We have life flowing through us and we are all connected and dependent on each other. This is the truth, peace will never come on earth by one group, nation or religion dominating all others. Peace will only come when we have respect for all other groups, nations and religions.

The way to create peace on an individual level as well as between groups and nations is to accept that we are not separate and peace will not come from defending our separateness, but from acknowledging our interdependence, our oneness. Our ability to create peace will come only from taking action on this understanding. Every group, religion and nation has value and should be honored and respected for their unique expression. Every group is precious.

Since life force is the connecting link between all people and all living things and Reiki is life force guided by God, Reiki can have a powerful healing effect for peace. Because Reiki comes from the unlimited source of life, Reiki is powerful enough to heal any conflict and to restore peace to any situation. Reiki respects and honors all living things. Reiki can heal and repair the life connection between all individuals, groups and nations. Reiki can be sent at a distance to any individual, group or world problem to create peace. Therefore, I encourage all Reiki practitioners to work together in harmony to create world peace. Our web site contains a "Global Healing Page" where we ask that all Reiki practitioners to send distant Reiki to global conflicts and crisis situations. The use of Reiki reconnects people to the universal source and to each other. We can make a difference. Please use your Reiki to create peace.

I am working with a jewelry artist to create a special Reiki grid. This piece is being made to send healing to all people on earth and to create world peace. It will be made of copper, silver and gold. It is shaped like the heart chakra with 12 petals, and will have 12 crystals pointing outward with a 12 sided pyramid in the middle. There will be 12 symbols, one behind each crystal to represent the major religions of the world including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Shintoism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, the goddess religions, independent spiritual paths, native peoples and one for all others including agnostics, atheists, and unknowns. It will be charged with Reiki.

In early May, I will be taking it to the North Pole. While there, I will be further charging it with Reiki, meditating with it and praying. I will pray to God and to all the founders of all the worlds religions asking that all the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth. After it is charged and prayed for, I will take a photograph of it, thus capturing its essence so that others will be able to use copies of the photo to continue charging it with Reiki and to pray for world peace. The picture will be available on our Web site and free copies will be available to anyone who asks. Eventually, the ice will shift and break up and the World Peace Crystal Grid will sink to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean in the vicinity of the North Pole. There it will remain forever sending Reiki to create and maintain world peace.