The Miracle of Continuous Reiki

by William Lee Rand

It’s possible to cultivate your mind and energy field to be saturated with an advanced state of Reiki awareness that sends Reiki continuously to those in need. This technique can be very beneficial to others and to you as well. It sets up a situation in which Reiki flows continuously through and around you, placing you in a state of higher consciousness, uplifted joy and peace. It also enhances your attitude toward others, creating a loving and compassionate feeling toward them as well as anyone you talk to or think about. Reiki will also be sent automatically to those you may have never met or even know who are in need of help.

Its continued use over time will develop new energetic pathways within your energy system and a heightened level of awareness within the subconscious mind. It also works in conjunction with your spiritual guides and healing angels to facilitate the process. In affect, it causes you to be a continuous beacon of Reiki healing connecting you with others and the world around you in an incredibly healthy way!

The technique involves the use of an affirmation that is repeated much like a mantra. The mantra is repeated frequently throughout the day preferably starting before you get out of bed in the morning and regularly all day long. Repeat the mantra whenever you think of it. As you practice, you’ll notice that you’re becoming surrounded by wonderful Reiki energies and may feel as though you’re filling up your energy tank. As time goes by after repeating the mantra you may notice the energy getting lower and when this happens, it’s an indication that it’s time to repeat the mantra again. You can repeat it to yourself, or out loud if no one is around.

How to Do It
The mantra involves the use of the Reiki distant symbol (abbreviated as HSZSN) which is repeated three times in a row before the affirmation. Here it is: “HSZSN, HSZSN, HSZSN, I continuously send Reiki to all those who need it, I continuously send Reiki to all those who need it, I continuously send Reiki to all those who need it.” This is one set. Do at least three sets, and you can keep going saying many more sets for as long as you are guided to do so. Then repeat the process throughout the day.

After practicing a while, you may be guided to add other symbols to the process such as DKM, or CKR, or other Reiki symbols. You can do this, but always use HSZSN.

It’s not necessary to do anything else except repeat the mantra. Reiki will flow from your energy field directly so it’s not necessary to place your hands in any special position or to do anything else differently. You can continue to go about your everyday activities repeating the mantra and the process will continue to work all by itself.

Some may be concerned about sending Reiki to those who have not requested it, but with this process, it’s the Reiki energy that decides where it goes. If a person doesn’t want it, the wisdom of Reiki will know this and not send it to them.

Try saying it right now! Then keep practicing it. If you like the results, I suggest you make a commitment to continue the process for a week. After this time, you may find it so enjoyable and uplifting that you’ll make it a background mantra you say in your mind whenever you have nothing else important to think about.

After practicing for just 10 minutes or so, you’re likely to notice that you’re already feeling a lot better; its practice provides positive reinforcement to keep doing it as not only does the energy go out to others, but it will have a positive affect on you too! As you continue for a week or so, a transformation will begin to develop in your energy system as your entire being comes into alignment with the process. It will have a beneficial affect on your physical health, your emotions, your mental attitude and your spiritual life that is amazing.

Not only will Reiki flow to those you love and care about, but it will also flow to strangers including people on the street, at the shopping center or at any gathering you may attend. It’s especially valuable at meetings as it will uplift the group and transform your attitude toward everyone! Reiki will also flow to plants, animals and nature in general. As this happens, you are likely to become aware of a subtle loving connection forming between you and all living things.

It’s also possible you’ll receive guidance in when to repeat the mantra. As an example, I was in Seattle several years ago riding in a car. I was on my way to a hotel and was scheduled to teach a workshop the next day. Suddenly my guides said, “Ok, do your thing.” I knew they meant my Continuous Reiki mantra, so I began repeating it, but felt something more directed taking place. The next say at the beginning of class, one of the students said she had injured her arm and needed some Reiki, but since she hadn’t taken the class yet, she couldn’t treat herself. But knowing Reiki can be sent at a distance, she thought perhaps she could request Reiki from someone. She thought of me and mentally began asking that I send Reiki. She said the Reiki came and the pain in her arm went away. I checked and the time she made the request was the same time my guides asked me to begin saying my mantra.

The practice of this technique is simple and easy. It will provide continuous healing for you as well as many others. It can also guide you in ways that are miraculous and can lead you into truly mystical experiences. This is a significant exercise that will greatly increase the benefit you and others receive from Reiki. It has the power to transform your life and you can start right now!