Healing With Your Breath

by William Lee Rand

Dr. Usui wrote a Reiki manual that he gave to all his students. This manual has been preserved and in fact is still in use in Japan. It contains many Reiki techniques that unfortunately were not taught by Mrs. Takata and therefore, only recently have reached the West. It is through the research of Arjava Petter, Chetna Kobiyashi and others that these techniques began reaching the us in the West around 1997. There were nine basic techniques in his manual and I have added them to the Reiki manual I use — Reiki, The Healing Touch. These original Reiki techniques are now being called the Japanese Reiki Techniques.

One of the interesting facts about how Dr. Usui practiced and taught Reiki is that he used more than just his hands to give Reiki treatments. In his manual, he shows how to use the eyes and the breath. On a recent trip to Japan, I was told by Mrs. Yamaguchi that during times of great need such as after the Great Kanto earthquake, Dr. Usui was known to treat up to six people at a time using both feet, both hands, his eyes, breath and various chakras.

In a previous newsletter, I described how to use the eyes to send Reiki. This technique is called Gyoshi Ho. Now I would like to share Dr. Usui's method of using the breath which is called Koki-Ho.

1. First find an area on the client that needs extra Reiki. This could be an area where the life force is blocked, or where there is pain or a diseased condition. You can do this by simply asking the client where they need Reiki, or you may find an area by using Byosen scanning, Reiki-Ho (Japanese Reiki Techniques) or some other method of inner sensing.

2. Then breath in using a belly breath. Draw your breath all the way down to the deep belly or Tanden power point which is by the navel.

3. Hold your breath a moment and using your tongue, draw a power symbol or any other symbol(s) you are guided to use on the top of your mouth. (If you have only Reiki I, skip this part.)

4. Then with your mouth a few inches above the area in need, vigorously breathe into this area, contracting the belly and breathing out completely.

5. As you breath out, imagine you are breathing Reiki and the symbol(s) into the area in need.

6. Do this several times if you feel the need.

7. Then follow with hands on Reiki over or around the area in need.

All the basic Japanese Reiki Technique are included in my Reiki manual, Reiki The Healing Touch. This manual is used by over 4000 Reiki masters as their class manual.