Becoming Who You Are Meant to Be

by William Lee Rand

I was in between lives, contemplating the possibilities for my next incarnation when I found myself in a cloud high over the earth. I was a radiant light and as I moved to one end of the cloud, I went into the past, and the other end was the future, and in the middle was the present. I was free to move at will and explore and seek an understanding of the possibilities for life on earth.

Then I was a fetus in my mother’s womb. And at first, the only thing I knew was that I am. Then, gradually, awareness grew and developed into something wonderful. Love surrounded and bathed me, and this was the first and only thing I was aware of outside of my existence. I remained in this beautiful state for some time.

After a while, I became aware of a change taking place. Something was different. Being able to communicate with my mother’s spirit, I asked her what this was. She said there is a big wonderful world out there, and I was getting ready to enter it. And I asked, what is the world? She said the world is a place where there are things that you do. And I understood that to be able “to do” was an amazing gift. To my new mind, being able to understand anything was in the very beginning stages of development. And so, at that point, there were two things I knew; love and do. And while I understood love, I wondered, what would be my do?

Then I was born and out, lying in a bassinet, and the nurses were loving me. And this felt wonderful. But then something happened, both sad and puzzling. A couple of other people came into the room, and I could feel their energy, and they felt upset and unhappy about something. Right away, I knew what was wrong. They had forgotten about love. I knew that when love surrounds you, no matter what is going on, everything becomes much easier to do. When love is present, there is always an undercurrent of peace and joy no matter the task or situation with which one is involved with, and there is always a sense of optimism and a focus on positive expectations. It is only when love is not one’s dominant feeling that life becomes difficult. And I sadly realized that the importance of love is something that people in the world had forgotten.

Because of this, I knew that someone needed to help people remember about love. As I contemplated this, I felt the power of a lightning bolt run through me, aligning every cell of my being to a realization—THIS IS YOUR DO!

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