Reiki Complements Acupuncture Treatments

by Sharda Sharma 

I have been doing energy work with acupuncture for fifteen years. About two years ago I had my Reiki attunement done. When I returned to the office, my patients felt a lot of energy coming from me. When I was administering the needles, the patients said they felt energy they had never felt before during these sessions. They kept asking me about this extra energy.

I began to use Reiki during all my acupuncture sessions. Most patients reported a lot of heat and energy in the needles, compared to before my attunement. They felt more warmth and more vibrational energy going through the needles. I also felt a lot of vibration going through my hands and feet.

I became a Reiki master teacher and Karuna Reiki® master teacher. My whole aura became more clear and I had more energy compared to before. I place symbols on the patients' complaint area while inserting the needles. My acupuncture sessions for healing have been faster and more effective. Instead of 6-8 sessions to get relief, now it is possible in 2-3 sessions.

The patients feel more relaxed and even tend to fall asleep during the acupuncture.

I use my pendulum before and after the treatments to show my patients the difference. I have many patients presenting with pelvic and back pains. When I put the pendulum on the sacral chakra, it does not move because of blocked energy. I put needles in corresponding areas of the body while performing Reiki. After the treatments, the pendulum starts moving in a clockwise direction showing good relief. The patients feel the energy increase in their sacral chakra, as well as the pain relief. They are surprised to see the pendulum move. This is real proof of their treatment.

I have also tried distance Reiki on my patients who have had surgery and timed it. I told the patient what time I would be calling them and sending the Reiki. I was amazed that they actually reported feeling energy, heat, and vibration at the site of the surgery. The incisions healed fast and they didn't have as much pain as they expected.

The more I do Reiki, the more in touch I become with my patients' energy. Sometimes, my meridians tell me where the pain is before the patient does! The energy starts flowing and vibrating in that area of my body. I can feel their pain radiating towards my corresponding meridian then going straight to the earth through my feet.

Previously, after performing acupuncture on ten patients, I would feel drained and wouldn't want to do anymore energy work. All my energy was being given out when I would give chi through the needles. Now, I feel more energized after giving the Reiki because it recirculates the energy. I can continue treatments for the rest of the day.

I have found that using Reiki to compliment acupuncture is very beneficial. It gives more energy and relaxation both to myself and the patients I treat.