Summertime Reiki

by William Lee Rand

Summer is peaking and many people, including adults and their children are outdoors, hiking, swimming, and laying on the beach; all healthy activities if done with wisdom, but also prone to possible hazards. Lucky we have Reiki. Here are a few suggestions for tending to some of the possible issues:

Bug bites: These can include mosquitoes, bee and wasp stings and ticks. Remember to use Reiki on your insect repellent before applying it and it will help neutralize any toxic effect the chemicals might have. If you get a mosquito bite(s), rather than scratching, just give your bites Reiki. This will help your body deal with the irritation and process the toxic effects more quickly. Another technique is to lightly scratch around the bite, but not directly on it while using Reiki. This will reduce the itching.

If you are hiking around bees or wasps, rather than be afraid, think kind thoughts toward them and give them Reiki. Remember, bees and wasps only sting if they feel threatened—by sending Reiki, you’ll help them feel safe. If an insect enters your tent or comes into your home, create an opening for them to leave and while sending Reiki, direct the insect with your mind to find the opening and fly away. This has worked for me so many times that when it happens I find it enjoyable to interact with bees or other insects in this way and guide them to freedom.

However, if you are stung by a bee, pull out the stinger by scraping a plastic card across the sting as soon as you can and give the area Reiki. The use of tweezers only forces more toxin into the body. If you can’t pull out the stinger, then just give the area Reiki. Many people have reported that Reiki released the pain of the bee sting and there was no swelling or other effects.

In some southern and western states in the US and other parts of the world some bees have become Africanized. These bees attack in swarms with little or no provocation. Their stings aren't more poisonous than regular bees, but multiple stings add up and could become dangerous. In the rare case you are attacked by these kinds of bees, cover your head and move as fast as you can to an enclosed space. If you know that Africanized bees are in the area, I suggest not hiking there or at the very least, get a good guide book or article that explains how to protect yourself from them. If you or someone you are with receives multiple bee stings, remain calm, give lots of Reiki to the areas stung, and also to the kidneys and liver. Consider going to a hospital if there are more than 10 stings. Remember that in most areas bees are not Africanized and will not sting you unless you threaten them.

If you are hiking in an area that is known to have deer and you get an insect bit that contains a small black dot in the center, remove the black dot by scrapping it with a plastic card, give the area Reiki and also go to a doctor within a few days or so or as soon as you can as you may have been bitten by a deer tick and could contract Lyme disease. Giving the area Reiki will slow or stop the infection, but in cases like this, it’s always better to play it safe and combine Reiki with allopathic medicine by seeing a doctor. Lyme disease is successfully treated with antibiotics as long as one begins treatment soon enough.

Sunburn: Make sure you use suntan lotion with a strong SPF factor on all exposed areas. Give Reiki to the lotion before applying it. If you get sunburned, give Reiki to the area but hold the hands at least 4-6 inches away from the skin. If this still produces too much heat, use the distant symbol and send Reiki to yourself or to the one being treated at a distance. Also, send Reiki to the kidneys and liver as burns create toxins that the body must release. This is why one often gets a headache and feels tired. Giving the kidneys and liver extra help will reduce these effects and help the body recover more quickly. There will also be less peeling and a greater likelihood of a healthier tan.

Sore Muscles
Sports activities or other outdoor fun can sometimes inspire us to over exert ourselves resulting in muscle soreness showing up during exercise, hours later or the next day. To reduce the likelihood of this happening do stretching and warm up exercises before fully exerting yourself. Also, during warm-ups, give Reiki to the muscles you’ll be using. If you feel a muscle becoming sore during the exercise or sports activity, give Reiki to the muscle group during the activity even if you have only a minute or less to treat. I recall being involved in a volleyball game and pulling a shoulder muscle. I was able to give myself Reiki while waiting for the next several serves and recovered while still in the game—much to the amazement of my team mates.

If you do end up with sore muscles after exercising, just give Reiki to the area and the joints and ligaments connected to the sore muscles. Reiki will increase circulation, release any residual stress and reduce the pain which will help the muscles recover more quickly.

A training secret for serious athletes is to receive a Reiki treatment immediately after exercising when you are in your cool down period. This will cause your muscles to heal more quickly and actually become stronger resulting in performance improvements beyond what you’d get without Reiki.

A sprained ankle can be a serious problem, especially if one is hiking and far along the trail. However, Reiki has an excellent record helping sprains. The sooner one applies Reiki, the faster it will work and the more healing one will receive. If you or someone gets a sprained ankle, apply Reiki immediately to the area. Continue for at least 15 minutes or until the pain goes away. Have the person slowly try to stand and walk. If there is still pain, give more Reiki. If you started walking and the pain returns, give more Reiki right away. This process will tend to greatly reduce the pain and swelling, thus allowing you to continue hiking or return to your car.

Summertime is a time to have fun, to be outdoors, breathe fresh air, feel the sun and be one with nature. But at the same time, if a challenge comes up, always remember to use your Reiki. You’ll be surprised at the help it will bring to virtually any situation.