Karuna Reiki®, Truly Intensive Healing

by Carol Hall

I would like to share what I would describe as an intense spiritual healing. I would not describe myself as particularly spiritual, although since Reiki entered my life two years ago I have followed an increasingly spiritual path. In August, I attended the Karuna Reiki® workshop at Camp Ronora and stayed at the camp the following week with a group of Karuna Reiki® Masters. I relished this opportunity to relax and continue to share Reiki energy before the Reiki Retreat.

During dinner one evening I felt increasingly vulnerable, fearful, a sense of not belonging. Finding these feelings unbearable I was forced to leave the table and escape to my tent. Through tears, I recognized these feelings as not being new.

I have a history of not feeling comfortable in groups. I had no idea what to do with these feelings and I was tired of them surfacing and remaining unresolved. I was also clear that I didn't want to leave the retreat without dealing with this issue.

I prayed for guidance and was directed to return to the group and let them know that I couldn't deal with this emotional pain and that I needed help. I felt myself somehow being pulled back to the group. Sitting at a table with several others, my process unfolded.

My crying intensified, my hands felt tingly and became severely contracted. I no longer had control of my body and was carried to a table where I was treated with Karuna Reiki® and psychic surgery. I felt no pain and completely trusted the process and those treating me. Even now this experience is hard to describe, as it's beyond words. I was told the session lasted nearly 2 hours and at one point there were 15 healers around the table either hands on or beaming Reiki.

Later, I processed my experience with the Center Certified Teacher who facilitated the healing and was told she clairvoyantly witnessed multiple past lives where I had been abused or killed by groups of people. I do not comprehend all that happened to me. I do believe that I was touched by God, that I was guided back to the group by God and that God entrusted the group to heal with Reiki.

As people have described, Karuna Reiki® is intense and powerful. I also believe that this healing occurred as I was open and ready. My reasons for sharing this is my need to continue processing this experience, acknowledging that it was real and perhaps connecting with others who have had similar experience. I am forever grateful to all those who participated in and witnessed this healing. I feel blessed.

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