Reiki and Pregnancy

by Beth Simmons Stapor

Recently a client asked me if I knew of any instances where Reiki had helped infertility. I answered as a matter of fact I do know of one case. I had a student in my class last March who had undergone treatment for infertility taking medications without positive results. She had nearly given up on the idea of having a child. During her Reiki I and II weekend she remarked to the others in the class that she had felt something 'pop' in her lower abdomen. Approximately 6 weeks after the class I received an email from her that she had become pregnant after she returned from her Reiki training weekend. She delivered a healthy baby last November.

In another situation I had a client who was four months pregnant when she decided to take a Reiki I workshop. During her attunement, Tonya experienced the baby responding to the energy flow. As her pregnancy progressed she gave 'Noah' reiki treatments. After his birth he was nicknamed the 'Reiki Baby', as he was so relaxed and contented. Tonya says that on many occasions it appears that Noah reaches out to exchange Reiki energy with her and others. She has also used Reiki to help him through teething, childhood falls, and illnesses.

Another Reiki client of mine heard about the positive benefits of having a 'Reiki Baby' and decided to take a Reiki I and II workshop after she found out she was pregnant. The week of the class, Victoria was told that she was carrying twins. After becoming a Reiki Practitioner, Victoria gave her 'boys' a Reiki treatment every day. She was able to carry the twins almost to full term and reports that they are easy to care for, whenever they are fussy she gives them Reiki and they calm down.

I had a student this past summer question me about a statement she had read in a book on Reiki which said that Reiki should never be given to a women late in her pregnancy. She asked for my reaction to the statement. I told her I expected it came from the thought that the Reiki energy might cause labor to prematurely start. I did not believe that to be true because I knew from my private practice and from my students that Reiki had only benefited them during their pregnancy. I also believe very strongly that 'Reiki can never cause harm' and is appropriate for all situations, therefore can be used at any point in the pregnancy for the highest good.

There is a differing opinion among Reiki Masters regarding the unborn baby receiving an attunement to the Reiki energy. Some feel that as the mother is being attuned the baby is also being attuned to Reiki. Others disagree, saying that the baby is in no way part of the attunement process. I personally feel that since the baby is part of the mother's energy system during the attunement process he/she receives the benefit of the attunement. There is a connection or bond between the baby and Reiki. Does this mean that the baby is a Reiki Practitioner, only spirit knows the answer to that question? I do know that 'Reiki Babies' seem to respond to the world around them differently than other babies.

I realize that there is no controlled scientific study in these cases, however there is certainly evidence that the use of Reiki before, during, and after pregnancy has positive results both for the mother and baby. My daughter, Wayles (who is a Reiki Master), and I have talked about her future pregnancies. There is no question, she will be receiving a Reiki attunement during her pregnancy and will use the Reiki daily during pregnancy for the health and contentment of her baby and herself.