I Believe in Miracles

by Matt Gifford

My name is Matt Gifford, I am 16 years old and a Sophomore in high school. I have taken all the Reiki classes and am certified in all of the levels including Reiki III. In December a friend of mine was in an automobile accident. He was in a car with two other teenagers, and the driver had just recently gotten his license. The three boys were returning from the school Christmas dance. They were not speeding, or drinking, or driving recklessly, and they were all wearing their seat belts, but the driver of the car mis-negotiated a curve and the car ran off the road. The car then hit a plank fence on the side of the road. One of the planks came through the passenger side of the window and hit my friend in the forehead.

They took my friend to the hospital and found that his brain was hemorrhaging and he was in a coma. I heard about the accident the Monday after it happened, and it hit me really hard. I am not really good friends with him but I have talked to him several times and he seemed like a high-spirited type of person and he makes everyone happy that is around him. The doctors said that it would be a miracle if he came out of the coma, and if he did, he would have permanent brain damage.

That night I went home and was really depressed. My mother asked me what was wrong and I told her about the accident. She suggested that we go into our Reiki room, and send Reiki to my friend, but I was too depressed to even think about it. Later that night my mother told me that we could go back to the Reiki room and all I had to do was think about the way he was when he was well, so I did. She sent him the Reiki and she asked me to think of what he was like before the accident. Then she asked me to think of him being like he was before the accident, one month from now. I did this and my mother sent him the Reiki.

The next day I went to school and my principal announced over the intercom and told us that the night before, (the same night we did the Reiki), my friend had come out of the coma and was sitting up and talking to the doctors and his parents. This news made me very happy. After about a month of him being in the hospital, he finally came back to school, just as I had imagined him in the Reiki treatment, and he only suffered a slight short-term memory loss.

I think this is a very good example of the kind of miracles that Reiki can help come true.

Reiki With Prayer and Visualization
I would like to offer an additional perspective on the story my son, Matthew, shared in his article above.

When Matthew came home from school the day he heard of the accident, he was deeply depressed. This was of great concern to me because he is always happy, and depression is just not a state of being I have ever been able to associate with him. When he told me what had happened to his friend, my immediate reaction was "let's go into the Reiki room, and send him healing energy." Well Matthew was so depressed that he declined the suggestion three times throughout the evening.

Finally I decided as a mother, and in the best interest of my son's emotional state, we had to do something.

So I suggested that we go in the Reiki room, and since he didn't feel balanced enough to send Reiki himself, Matthew would help me connect to his friend, and I would send Reiki.

We didn't use the normal distant healing techniques, our approach was a little different. We sat side by side on the futon, I was guided to place my left hand on the back of Matthew's heart chakra, and my right hand in the air in front of me in a sending position. The entire process was guided as follows; We invoked all the Reiki symbols, Matthew was asked to visualize his friend as he was last time they spoke. His friend was laughing and telling jokes. He was then asked to see his friend back in school, and the time was one month in the future. In this future projection, Matthew was asked to see his friend laughing and whole and healthy again.

When Matthew had this image in his mind, a very loving and powerful prayer began to flow through me, requesting that the lessons from this accident be fully learned, and that Divine Will be the present and guiding force in the outcome, and that the perfect healing take place with Divine Love and Wisdom.

The power of the prayer that was channeled amazed us both, the vibration of the guide working with us was that of a very intense and focused energy.

When Matthew came home the next day and announced the news about his friend's amazing recovery, I reminded him that we were only two of many people praying for his friend (this was the teacher in me trying to make sure all egos remained detached from the healing that had taken place). However, the fact that our visualization included a one month time frame to complete healing, and the young man was back in school nearly one month to the day from our Reiki session, is certainly a point to ponder.

Wishing you many miracles through Reiki.

In the Light of the Creator... We See Only Love

by Laurelle Gaia