Reiki and a Meaningful Life

by William Lee Rand

Many have values, potentials, and dreams that haven’t been fully expressed. This usually happens because of fear; fear of rejection by friends, family, co-workers and others, fear of failure, or of losing financial security, or simply fear of change. Whatever the reason, the result can be a misalignment between what we truly believe about life and ourselves, and how we are actually living our lives.

Reiki has the potential to not only heal our bodies, it can also heal our lives. This can take place through its ability to transform our values and redirect our lives toward a more complete expression of our true needs and potentials. The need for this deeper kind of healing often becomes apparent as a result of a Reiki class or because of repeated Reiki sessions. Healing on this deeper level can sometimes mean a change in career, a change within a marriage or even a divorce, a change in religious affiliation, or a move to another part of the country or to another part of the world.

When we look at our lives, if we feel stuck in a dead end job, or a marriage or relationship that doesn’t support our real needs, or if we have “friends” who invalidate our beliefs, or have other experiences that are unsupportive of our core needs, then it’s likely that we are in a place where a significant healing can unfold for us - if we are willing to accept it.

Remember that Reiki always respects free will and will not force healing changes into our lives unless we are ready to accept them. But if we find ourselves seemingly poised in this place, not enjoying our current life, but not yet having decided to change, Reiki is present to help us. By focusing on Reiki, giving ourselves more treatments, exchanging treatments with others, or taking additional Reiki classes, we can receive the inner strength necessary to move forward and make the healing changes needed to create a more meaningful life.

These steps may not feel easy at first. In fact, this level of healing often represents a major healing crisis. Although it may be experienced as a challenging and difficult time while it is taking place, it will often be seen later as a major turning point. As this level of healing unfolds, Reiki can provide the insight, the motivation and the energy necessary to help you move forward and make the significant adjustments necessary to more fully express what we truly believe and to more fully embrace what we need to be healthy and happy individuals.

Because these necessary changes are part of our life purpose and are calling forth from our inner being, once we decide to make them, the forces of life will rise up to support us. People will reach out to help, fortunate circumstances will develop, and while it may still require effort on our part, it will end up being easier than we thought. Once the changes have been made, we will be in a whole new place with greater freedom and a feeling that the stagnant, suffocating air that surrounded us has been replaced with a fresh ocean breeze. We will have room to breathe and to grow and to be free.

Life has the potential to be a never-ending process of unfoldment, growth and increasing value. By being open to the enriching possibilities that Reiki can create in our lives, we develop the habit of being ready to take that next step, to learn new skills and to allow the healthy changes that bring an increasing level of meaning into everything we do.