At A Feather's Touch

by Jessica Miller

Consider what it must be like to be a guide or angel. You would spend time lining up the most wondrous opportunities for your mortal charges, the most clear and appropriate ways for them to learn their life’s lessons. However, so often, these people don’t listen.

As a guide you have to try harder and harder to get their attention. First you try the whisper in the ear, then the shout, then the frantic arm waving and signaling. Finally, you have to start playing rough, and life hits them with the metaphorical 2x4 or ton of bricks. Only then does true growth occur. Imagine your delight, if your charges would simply make a commitment to try to listen to the feathers every once in a while.

Learning your life lessons at a feather’s touch is about learning to listen to inner guidance from your guides or angels. It is about being willing to contemplate, grow and change as a result of small cues (or feathers) in your environment, and not needing a catastrophe to get your attention.

I use this affirmation for myself in my own prayers, and for others during my closing prayers for sessions, and in my classes.

If you are at a time in your life full of 2x4’s, you may wish to create a ritual, burn a candle, and contemplate all of the situations going on in your life. Then on a small piece of paper, write "May I learn my life lessons at a feathers touch" and any Reiki symbols you know that feel appropriate. Recite the affirmation as you use tweezers to burn the paper in the candle, and let it burn in a cup. Next sit in silence for a while and listen to any guidance that appears. Keep paper and pencil handy over the next few weeks for any brainstorming sessions that may suddenly occur.

Most importantly, in the days and weeks after your prayer or ritual, keep your side of the bargain and try to listen to your guides and angels. Be willing to look for ‘feathers’ among your thoughts and the minor events of your life that represent important keys to your life lessons, and opportunities to growth.

The ‘feather’s touch’ affirmation has had an interesting side effect in my own life. In addition to the smoothness that comes from listening to the feathers, things in my life that would hit most people as bricks have been feathers for me. In one year I went through a divorce, moved twice across the country, fell for two different people and was turned down by both of them, and opened and closed a business, and stopped working a 9 to 5 job. This was still one of the most blissful years ever. My life since has been noticeably calmer and even more magical.

Guides and angels love Reiki in part, because it increases your ability to listen, to find the flow in life, to be in the right place at the right time doing the right stuff. Synchronicity increases, miracles increase, and ‘mere chance’ becomes increasingly difficult to believe in.

So I bless you, and "May you learn your lessons at a feather’s touch".