Baby Heals Before Birth

by Valerie J. Kostiw

I was asked to work with a young mother due to deliver any day. She had undergone ultrasound and learned that her baby would require kidney surgery immediately following delivery, and justly so was very distraught and was looking to relaxation to assist her in the last days prior to delivery. I worked with her with the Reiki healing energy. The fetus calmed right down with the mother. You could just feel the LOVE transfer back and forth between the two of them. She left feeling wonderful and ready to accept the fact that her little one was fortunate enough to have had the kidney blockage detected before birth rather than waiting until it had progressed to a worse situation.

Upon delivery a few days later, (with no difficulty, and mother very relaxed) the little man let out a healthy wail, and proceeded to empty his bladder upon the doctor - with no problems at all. The doctor proclaimed he did not require surgery.

The young lady's brother-in-law took Reiki training with me shortly after the delivery and when I asked him about her health and the baby's, he immediately KNEW that Reiki was the reason for the baby's miraculous self-healing. Thanks be to God.