Reiki and Affirmations

by William Lee Rand

We are alive because ki or life energy flows through us and when left alone, it is directed by the innate intelligence of the organs and tissues of the body. When this is the case it is called genki which means original ki or healthy ki. When a person is young it is mostly genki that governs ones health. However, ki is influenced by our thoughts and feelings and as a child’s mind develops the functioning of ones ki is affected by the ever more sophisticated nature of one’s thought processes. If one has positive healthy thoughts, ones health will be enhanced, but if one has negative, unhealthy thoughts, byoki or unhealthy ki will develop. Byoki will surround various organs and tissues of the body diminishing their function and causing unbalance and weakness in one’s health. If the byoki persists, it can lead to illness. This process is the cause of most health problems.

The creation of byoki can also cause dysfunction in other areas of life. It can have an adverse affect on our relationships, our career, our ability to learn and to enjoy ourselves and on our ability to solve problems, achieve goals and to be happy and successful.

Reiki is life energy that is guided by higher consciousness. It heals by flowing into a person’s energy field, locating areas of byoki and causing them to break up and be dispelled and replaced by genki. In this way, Reiki can be used to improve and heal any area of one’s life that isn’t functioning in a healthy way.

A method to help Reiki be even more effective is the addition of positive affirmations. Since thoughts affect ki, a positive affirmation will enhance the formation of healthy ki. When the affirmation is thoughtfully created using both logic and intuition in a complementary way and empowered by Reiki it will be highly effective in quickly bringing about the reversal of any unhealthy situation.

The Process
The following is a method of creating a powerful healing response for any illness or condition. It can also be used to heal and improve any area of life and to achieve goals. Since Reiki is involved it will always produce a healthy positive result.

  1. Take a moment to draw Reiki symbols on your hands if you have them. If not just use Reiki without symbols. Say a prayer asking that the highest most illumined source of guidance and healing will be with you to facilitate this process. Give thanks for all the help you’ll be receiving.
  2. Decide on the illness or condition or area of life you’d like to heal. Create a written description of it.
  3. Formulate a positive affirmation concerning the healing or help you’d like to experience. To do this, first say a prayer asking that your logic and intuition be guided by the highest most illumined wisdom and that they will work together in harmony to create an effective affirmation. Usually the most powerful affirmation will be one that is simple and direct and one that is opposite to the unwanted condition. As an example, if you’ve been looking for a job and been unable to find one, an affirmation that is opposite to this experience might be: “I find a job easily and quickly now.” If it is an illness or medical condition, depending on the type of illness or condition, you might use an affirmation similar to these: “My liver is completely healthy and filled with life.” Or “My heart is as strong and healthy and vital as when I was 18.” Or “Every part of my body is vibrantly healthy now.” If it is a goal or your life purpose you’d like help with affirmations similar to these will be helpful: “I easily achieve my goal with the love and grace of God (or Reiki, or the Universe or any similar term you feel comfortable with). Or “Every area of my life is completely guided by the love and grace of God.”
  4. Now think of your issue and ask to be guided to the area of your body or energy field where the byoki that is causing the issue or difficulty or unwanted condition exists. This area may not be in the location where the physical symptoms exist, so it’s important to bypass your logic and allow your intuition to guide you. One way to find the byoki is to notice if you feel stress or uncomfortable feelings in an area of your body when you think of your issue as byoki will cause these feelings.
  5. Once you have formulated your affirmation and discovered the location of the byoki affecting the condition you will be ready to start. Draw Reiki symbols on your hands and especially the mental/emotional symbol. If you don’t have Reiki symbols, straight Reiki without symbols will work. Then place your hands on or over the area where the byoki is located and begin to repeat your affirmation.
  6. Continue with step 5 for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this every day or up to several times a day if possible. By doing this you’ll eliminating the byoki that has been creating the unwanted condition and replacing it with healthy ki which will attract the healthy condition in your body or in your life you intend.

This is a powerful technique that will rapidly produce healing and positive change in your life. Use it on yourself or with your Reiki clients and you’ll be happily surprised by the results! Life is a process of change which can be guided to create healthy improvements in your life. By healing yourself you’ll be contributing to the positive transformation of the planet which is leading to peace on Earth. May you be deeply blessed by the wise use of you healing skills.