The Look of Love

by William Lee Rand

One of the techniques Dr. Usui taught to his students is called Gyoshi-Ho. With this technique you can send Reiki to any part of your own body or to others with your eyes. Just by looking at the area in need of healing or at another person, you can send Reiki. This can really be amazing. As an example, a few weeks ago, I was opening a package with a knife and accidentally cut my finger. First I washed it in running water, but then remembered Gyoshi-Ho. As I stared at the wound, I could feel the power of Reiki and something said, "allow the power to flow" and as I did, I could actually see the wound healing before my eyes! Another exercise is to sit across from another Reiki person and send Reiki to each other's hearts with your eyes, or you could just stare into each other's eyes as you send Reiki. A strong spiritual bonding can quickly develop along with deep healing and mystical experiences. This exercise can also be done while looking into a mirror. You can also send Reiki to your children while they are playing and I am sure you can think of many other ways to use Gyoshi-ho.

Here are the instructions:

  1. With Gyoshi-Ho, you can send Reiki to a specific area or to the whole person with your eyes. As you focus on the area or person, allow your eyes to relax and become slightly defocused.
  2. As you do this, meditate on Reiki and allow it to begin flowing from your eyes.
  3. If thoughts arise, gentle brush them aside and return your attention to the Reiki energy and the area or person it is flowing to.

I encourage you to try Gyoshi-ho, as it is really a vitalizing way to send Reiki. I'm interested in what you experience, so please Email me about what happens.

This technique along with instructions for practicing the other Japanese Reiki Techniques taught by Dr. Usui is explained in Reiki, The Healing Touch.