World Reiki Healing Groups

by William Lee Rand

One of the important features of Reiki is the ability to send it to others and to situations at a distance. This is especially important now with all the issues that have developed from the Sept. 11 attack. Rather than simply feeling helpless, we can send Reiki and make a real difference in how events develop in the world. The world is in a state of flux right now and there are many possibilities and directions things can take. If we send Reiki to world events including the leaders who are making important decisions, we can support Reiki like changes in the world. This can turn things around so we end up living in a world with greater safety and with greater unity between religions, ethnic groups and nations. Already we can see this taking place between many countries that were not so closely aligned before the crisis. A great opportunity presents itself to us now.

So I suggest that you, do what many are currently doing and either join a Reiki group or start one and meet regularly to send Reiki for world peace. The group can be made up of just you and one other person at first or you could get up to 6 or more. The important thing is for each member of the group to make a commitment to meet once a week and to do so without fail. You can focus on specific events or leaders, or simply on the goal of world peace.

There are many benefits to such a group. In addition to contributing to global healing, you will also gain a greater sense of peace in your own life and find that many of your personal issues will be resolved more easily. This is a wonderful thing to do and I encourage you to begin immediately. Right now, think of one or more Reiki people who you would like to work with and call or Email them right now. Pick a night and a time and a place to meet and start as soon as possible.

Please let me know about your success and your experiences and I will publish them in future editions.

Thanks for making a difference.