Reiki and the Holiday Season 2009

by William Lee Rand

Reiki is an amazing energy that presents us with many possibilities to live in an ever healthier and more meaningful way. This is embodied in the very nature of Reiki; in the way it expresses through us and in the way it manifests healthy changes in our lives. We can also appreciate Reiki by looking at the meaning of the word. In the West, Reiki has been defined by some to mean universal life force energy. However this is only a partial definition. Ki by itself is actually universal life force energy. In Japan where the word originates, ki is thought to manifest in many different ways and because of this there are many kinds of ki. Plants, trees, flowers, earth, sky and clouds are all expressions of different kinds of ki. There is a special ki for each of the different kinds of animals and for humans and also for all of the various aspects and personality traits that human beings express. As an example, genki is healthy ki, byoki is unhealthy ki, ki ga shimazu is disappointment, ki no hayai is excitement, ki ga omoi is depression, ki no okii is generosity and so forth. Ki is such a pervasive concept in Japan that it is thought of as the manifesting force behind everything that exists.

If there are many different kinds of ki, what kind of ki is Reiki? If you look up the word Rei in a Japanese/English dictionary you’ll find a range of words to define it, but the words that seem to work the best for our use as a healing energy are soul and spirit. This points to higher consciousness and alludes to the idea that Reiki is life energy that is being directed by higher consciousness. This definition is further validated by our experience in that Reiki tends to lift us up into higher states of consciousness; it creates feelings of joy, peace, confidence and happiness at the same time it promotes wholeness, health and well-being and helps us heal.

And now we find ourselves moving through the holiday season; Hanukah, Yule, Christmas, Kwanza and perhaps others. This is an important time of year, a transition period when ki is shifting; the winter solstice when days start getting longer, the end of one year and the beginning of another. What an amazing time to be with friends and family and share with each other, to be happy and to celebrate the joy of life.

And yet somehow, sometimes, for some, without being aware that it’s happening it’s possible to slip into a place where the joy of the holidays begins to fade. A sense of responsibility sets in. There’s so many things we feel we need to get done in order to be happy and to help others be happy. Pressure, tension and even fear can develop. And for others, old unresolved feelings can come up from past holiday experiences when expectations weren’t met or someone you cared about wasn’t there. And some may be alone or may not really have any holiday plans and wish life was different. These things can happen even though this is supposed to be a time of happiness. When feelings like this come up during a time of celebration they are coming up for a reason. It’s because these feelings want to be healed.

If anything like this is happening for you even a little, it’s important to remember that you have been given an amazing gift - the gift of Reiki and certainly this is something to be grateful for. The wonderful feelings of love and peace we experience that come from a Reiki session are available to you now to sooth and comfort you and to heal any situation you may find yourself in. And if you're already in a positive place, Reiki can take you even more completely into the joy of the holiday season.

So I suggest you take a moment now to think of Reiki and place your hands on yourself and feel the warm, loving, healing energy of Reiki swirl around and through you. Allow it to lift you up and to heal any issues that may have come up for you. You deserve to heal, to be happy, to be loved and to be filled with the beauty of this wonderful holiday season. In the stillness of Reiki we feel the spirit of peace and are lifted up into joy and happiness.

I also suggest you send Reiki to others; to your family and those you love. Send Reiki to the homeless and those in need and to everyone on the planet knowing that Reiki will help those who are open to receive its benefit.

As you are carrying out your holiday activities, perhaps doing some last minute shopping, or other errands, remember to think of Reiki and intend to send it to those around you. As you do so, perhaps a miracle will happen and you'll see what the musician Tracy Chapman became aware of - that there are angels all around us disguised as ordinary people living ordinary lives.

Reiki is a wonderful energy that helps us appreciate the holiday season and merger more completely with its purpose. May you truly experience the miracle of life as you continually grow in peace and joy and love.