Reiki & the Planetary Shift in Consciousness

by William Lee Rand

We will soon be moving into the more meaningful part of the twenty-first century. During these first few years of this century we have been living for the most part according to the values, beliefs and mind set of the previous century and in fact we haven’t yet entered into the era for which the twenty-first century will be known.

The next 15-20 years will be a transition period which will include major changes profoundly affecting every country, every segment of society and every individual on the planet. These changes, taking place on multiple levels and representing a major shift will be the most important event that has ever happened on our planet.

This may seem like a bold statement to some, but the full import of societal change isn’t often recognized by a changing society before or even during the transition, but only years after it has taken place. This is especially true for those who fear change and cling to the past. But for those forward thinking individuals, who are not bound by consensus reality, the conscious awareness of this dawning period of history has already begun to form.

During this time of change we will be moving from a consumer society in which dependence on limited resources will shift to a sustainable society in which we’ll make greater use of renewable, non-polluting resources such as wind, solar and bio-fuels. New more appropriate sources of energy will be discovered and developed along with more efficient methods of storing energy. We’ll also be using energy more efficiently, recycling more and creating more products that are bio-degradable.

The human population will stop growing and we’ll focus more attention on making sure everyone on the planet has adequate food, shelter, education, health care and a feeling of purpose.

With a stable population that is properly fed, educated and healthy and making use of sustainable sources of energy, the motivation for war between countries and factions will be greatly reduced and could even be eliminated completely. Continued advancements in technology will enable us to effectively deal with any challenge that might arise. The world will change from a mind set in which the future of human life is a worrisome and questionable proposition to one in which our continued existence for untold centuries is assured.

Living in a world such as this, free of strife and connected with everyone on the planet in a kind and compassionate way will have a profound effect on everyone’s values, beliefs, and philosophy. Our focus will be redirected making possible a much deeper understanding of the nature of life, of our potentials and what it means to be a human being. The evolution of human consciousness will accelerate and we’ll enter a period that is such a great improvement over what we currently experience that it’s not possible to fully comprehend.

This of course is a very desirable future, but to get there, we must successfully navigate the transition period – the next 15-20 years. During the transition, the old system will be upset, begin breaking down and become unusable at the same time that new methods will come into use. This creates the possibility of strife and suffering as people cling to the old ways and lack the foresight and compassion to create a smoother transition. We are already seeing this as the cost of food, gasoline, clothing and all of our basic necessities are going up all over the world. Upheavals in financial markets followed by massive fixes are adding to economic uncertainty. This is forcing people to change priorities and focus more on basic necessities. Changing conditions such as this will most likely be a part of life until the world completes the transition period.

Reiki is a healing method that can help people cope with uncertainty and anxiety. It can also help people make healthy change and deal with issues that arise during the transition. In fact, Reiki energy contains the consciousness of the coming new era and not only is it’s use helping to create the planetary shift in consciousness, but it is also able to help minimize the suffering people might experience as we move through the transition. This is one important reason that Reiki is becoming more popular now – to smooth out the transition period and reduce suffering so we can more easily and quickly enter into the coming period of peace and well-being.

Here are some ways to use Reiki to help facilitate the planetary shift in consciousness.

  1. Make sure to give yourself Reiki every day. A complete session is recommended if you have the time, but shorter periods are also effective. Giving yourself several 5 minute sessions a day will work wonders to release stress, lift your spirits, improve creativity and help you manifest the best results. As you heal and improve your own level of consciousness, your presence in the lives of others will help them as well.
  2. Use Reiki to achieve your goals. Each morning write the priorities of the day on a piece of paper and give them Reiki. Then Reiki your goals at least one additional time during the day. Do this with your long range goals as well. You’ll be happily surprised as amazingly helpful coincidences take place to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Offer Reiki to family members, friends and co-workers. This will reduce their stress and help create a positive supportive atmosphere. Make sure you get Reiki sessions from others too.
  4. Send Reiki to local, regional and world crisis situations and to the world in general. This will raise the vibration of those events making solutions more easily achieved and helping to smooth the transition to world peace.
  5. Use the World Peace Crystal Grid photos to charge the grids at the North and South Poles and in Jerusalem with Reiki. This is a powerful way to promote world peace and planetary healing. Doing this will bring peace into your personal world as well.
  6. Teach Reiki to others. This can be done through informal classes for family and friends or through professionally organized classes for the general public.
  7. Encourage others to use their Reiki on a regular basis. Set up a Reiki share group or attend one that’s already operating and invite very one you know to attend.

This is an exciting time to be alive. Values are changing and the opportunity for personal and planetary evolution is greater than ever. Reiki is a gift that has been given to us to help create the positive changes we need. As you use Reiki to help the world, may your life be blessed by the planetary transformation you help create.