Trusting in Reiki

by William Lee Rand

Life has its ups and downs and there are times when we’re required to deal with issues, problems and challenges that seem difficult to us. Perhaps the situation is new and we have no experience with it or there may be multiple factors including many people to consider and deep or complex feelings making it uncomfortable to think about. Or there could be pressure from a friend or relative to choose their way or to keep things the same as they've always been, which you may not want to do. The smooth flow of life can sometimes be interrupted by unexpected events that require us to make decisions and it’s important that we remain focused and use our best thinking when dealing with them.

However, during times like this our unresolved distress often gets triggered making the situation more difficult. Feelings of fear, doubt, worry, anger and shame can cloud the issue and interfere with our ability to think clearly, to make wise decisions and to take appropriate action. As we focus on the problem, we can be pulled more deeply into our own distress and feelings of panic can develop further limiting our ability to function. While we may have the personal resources necessary to solve our problems, the secondary feelings that arise can sabotage our ability to do so.

The experiences we have in life have a purpose; this includes the difficult situations as well as the easy ones. The purpose of difficulty is to offer us the opportunity to learn about ourselves, to heal and to grow. To fulfill this purpose, it’s necessary that we decide to do so; we need to make the conscious choice to face the unhealthy feelings our circumstances bring up, heal them in a compassionate way and develop the skills necessary to resolve the issue. Doing this consistently creates a life of confidence, satisfaction and success.

Reiki can help you do this, often in an extraordinary way. Reiki healing energy comes from outside our personal consciousness and therefore isn't affected by the feelings of distress we may have. It is a pure form of higher consciousness and contains the potential to help us heal our personal issues and solve the problems we encounter. It’s possible to turn our problems over to Reiki and allow Reiki to solve them. This is a higher path to personal achievement and goes beyond the usual way people deal with life.

We attract to us and also amplify what we think about. When we're experiencing something that is causing us emotional distress and we focus on the difficulty of it, rather than this helping us solve the problem, we're drawn more deeply into the distress. It’s been said that worry is like praying for something you don't want. So, when you’re experiencing a difficult situation, rather than focus on it, a better choice is to focus on the peace and healing energy of Reiki; turn the problem over to Reiki and let it go by keeping your mind on Reiki. By doing this you'll attract Reiki energy into your aura and emotions and the Reiki energy will heal your distress. This process can work with your personal healing issues and also with situations in the outer world.

One way to shift your awareness out of the distress and into the healing energy of Reiki is to use affirmations. If you've got a difficult situation you'd like help with, try repeating one or more of these affirmations over and over for several minutes. Return to your affirmation several times a day whenever you have time or are feeling the need.

I am the peace and confidence of Reiki

I surrender to the safety and protection of Reiki

I give my problems to Reiki knowing they are solved

I am the abundance and prosperity of Reiki

I am the freedom and joy of Reiki

If you'd like to fine tune this process to the specific experience you're having, take a moment to identify the distressful feeling(s) you're experiencing and think of the opposite positive feeling or state. Then create a Reiki affirmation using the positive concept. Here are a couple of examples: If you're feeling fear you could create an affirmation that states: “I trust in the loving care of Reiki.” If you're feeling doubt, “The confidence of Reiki fills my entire being.” The important thing with this process is that you choose the affirmation that is opposite to your negative feeling and feels good to you. You'll know if it’s right by how you feel when you use it.

By using Reiki affirmations in this way, you'll be shifting your awareness away from the distress and toward Reiki. By doing this, you'll stop contributing to your negative feelings by not focusing on them and you'll be calling in Reiki to heal the problem. As you follow this process your mind and feelings will open and the loving energy of Reiki will flow in. You’ll learn something important about yourself, heal and become stronger in important ways, and create the atmosphere in which any outer difficulty can be easily resolved.

Reiki comes from an unlimited supply and is always available to help us. Its loving wisdom is present to heal and to make our lives happy and prosperous. Always remember to use Reiki and your life will be filled with joy.