Reiki Returns to Mrs. Takata's Clinic

by William Lee Rand

William Rand outside clinic

William Rand stands outside the building that served as Mrs. Takata's Reiki Clinic in Hilo, Hawaii. The lights over his right shoulder appear in the original photo as iridescent white, gold, blue and rose color. There are two very visible "light being-like" forms, and possibly a third. They appear sheltered under the porch, floating in front of the exterior wall. There is no physical explanation for these lights. Could they be the original Reiki Masters joining us in our rededication of Reiki to create world peace?

After teaching a Karuna Reiki® class in Hilo, Hawaii, I had the opportunity to view Mrs. Takata's ashes and to spend some valued time at her former Reiki clinic. David Ball who organized the Karuna class and also rediscovered the location of her ashes and along with Duff Cady her former clinic arranged the meeting.

The new owner is both a Chiropractor and an Aikido Master Instructor. He was unaware that his new office is the former site of Mrs. Takata's Reiki clinic. Because he is an Aikido Master, he uses Ki in his martial arts training as well as for healing. He was amazed that the building he just happened to select for his office had such a significant history in the use of Ki.

Upon entering the building for the first time, I could feel my aura interacting with the history of the building, a history that has so much meaning for me. We were allowed to roam through the building on our own and meditate on our inner experiences. The presence of Mrs. Takata's spirit and Reiki energy could clearly be felt.

In an upper room that had been converted into a classroom, a ritual was performed. We placed pictures of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi and Mrs. Takata along the wall with some candles to form an altar. We sat on the floor, holding hands and meditated briefly. In the center of the circle, we drew out the distant healing symbol, chanted it's name three times out loud, and sent Reiki to Mrs. Takata, Dr. Hayashi and Dr. Usui asking for them to be present. All of us could feel their presence and especially Mrs. Takata who seemed very happy that we were there. We then drew out the power symbol and the emotional/mental symbol and directed them to heal any karma or negativity that may be present from the past around the clinic or around Reiki. We saw the symbols go all around the room and to all the rooms of the clinic healing and filling the space with loving Reiki energy and then outside all around the house and yard. We also saw the symbols spiral down into the Earth to connect with all the life forces of the Earth and then up into the sky and universe to receive a blessing from above. All the spiritual beings connected with Reiki were invited in as well as the original Reiki master. We asked that the spirit of Reiki guide the hearts and minds of all Reiki practitioners around the world so all would respect one another, regardless of lineage or organization. We asked that all practitioners work together so Reiki would become a more powerful force to create world peace and harmony. We asked that Reiki be rededicated to this purpose and asked for Mrs. Takata's blessing which we felt was gladly given. A healing attunement was given directing the energy to the world Reiki movement to heal and empower it. We also went to all the rooms of the clinic drawing Reiki symbols and doing Reiki and walked around the clinic three times doing the same.

After this, we gave a group Reiki treatment to the new owner. This was his first Reiki treatment. He said he could feel the energy and gave a detailed description of how each person's Reiki felt to him. While giving the treatment, Mrs. Takata's presence was very strong and we could feel that she was very happy that Reiki was being done in her clinic again. The new owner expressed an interest in learning Reiki and asked that the Reiki class be held in the clinic. This was a very exciting and deeply moving experience for all of us.

So, from the place that Reiki started in the western world, and grew to be a worldwide movement, Reiki has returned and is being practiced again! And this time, with a new dedication to create world peace.