Reiki and Healing Our Ancestors

by Laurelle Gaia

I love the way Reiki shines light into our healing process and that it goes deeper and is more far reaching as we grow. My awareness of the simplicities and the complexities of the healing process is growing keener every day. As we use Reiki to heal ourselves we become more aware of the vastness of our being.

I have found that, as I grow with Reiki, my understanding of what it means to be "one with all there is" expands. I realize now that my initial personal healing experiences were based on a very limited understanding of my connection to that oneness. Over the years Reiki has assisted me with wonderful mental and emotional healing by helping me recognize unhealthy thought patterns and emotional responses. Through that recognition I was then able to focus Reiki on developing a healthier way of being. Reiki has also helped me with physical healing and better understanding myself and my purpose in this life. Every day it seems as though Reiki has something else to teach me and I am able to move deeper into knowing how to BE who I truly am.

During this process I have become keenly aware of the energetic effect that my ancestors have on who I am, and also the energetic effect that I have on my children. I recognize now that I have been holding genetic coding from my ancestors, which affects my cellular memory, and in turn influences the patterns in my subtle energy system. Therefore, I make choices in my life based in part on the beliefs, experiences, feelings and thoughts of my ancestors.

If we think of the challenges and triumphs of our ancestors we can often see how or where we are personally affected by them.

Let me give you an example. I learned that many of my issues involving self-worth, prosperity, and work ethics go back through many generations. Although I feel that I have come a long way in healing them, I still see traces of these issues in my life daily. I have been sending healing to my guides, masters, and ancestors. Through this process I am developing clarity on healing issues that some of my ancestors did not complete in their lifetime, and thus passed on to me genetically.

Many of our parents and grandparents lived through the Depression in the 1930's, and I imagine some of you reading this did also. Living in that time created much fear for the ability to survive. It also brought up self-worth issues for many and created a workaholic consciousness in some. Many people felt powerless to change their circumstances. Whenever there is a sense of powerlessness it is based on a fundamental belief in separateness from the Divine, or perhaps an abandonment by one's own spiritual guidance. Only through reconnecting with that personal Divine power can such a belief system be healed.

One day while I was sending healing energies to my ancestors I felt a particularly strong connection to my paternal Grandmother. She lived the nightmare of the Depression when she and her family lost everything they owned except a piece of land in Illinois. For a period of time they lived in a small barn on their property, and they farmed the land to feed themselves and help their neighbors. The earth sustained them through this difficult time, and ultimately they were able to re-establish financial stability. However, this experience further instilled several beliefs in my grandmother, who already had lived through some very challenging times as a child. During this healing session I felt her fear, sense of hopelessness, unworthiness, and I also felt the anchoring of the belief that life is hard, and that we must work very hard for everything we receive.

Although my life as a child was materially much easier than my grandmother's, and my parents did their best to provide for all of our needs, genetically the energetic essence of her fears and beliefs were passed on to me. In order to provide for our family, my parents "worked very hard"and sacrificed many of their personal emotional needs. Although my parent's are both basically positive people, I still received messages from them or other family members such as; "Life isn't always fair", "Only hard work and perseverance win out", "If you are going to do something, do it right." "Always put other's feelings before your own", "In the end you can only count on yourself." and so on. Conversely I received the message that "You can do anything, if you set your mind to it, maintain a positive attitude and act with honesty and integrity". This last message is one I choose to hold as a personal truth, the rest I am repatterning with the help of Reiki and soul clearing work. Reiki is a tool that helps us reconnect to our true personal power, Divine Love, thus it assists us in healing any sense of separation. I would like to share a healing technique that Reiki has given me to assist in my healing, by help my ancestors heal.

The Reiki Generational Healing Technique

1. Prepare yourself as you would for any Reiki treatment.

2. State a prayer of intention to be a clear channel for Reiki to flow through and that your personality and ego stand aside. Give thanks that the healing energy flows to you, your guides, masters, your ancestors, and future generations for the highest good of all, and with soul permission of those willing to heal.

3. Invoke the distant healing symbol and the mental/emotional symbol with the intention of creating a bridge of light through the generations that came before you and those that are yet to come. When you feel this link you may be guided to activate the power symbol, or the some of the Reiki master and Karuna Reiki® symbols. Bring in any energies that you feel guided to work with. Then simply let the energy flow.

4. Channel energy and meditate for as long as it feels appropriate, be aware of anything you feel, sense or think. Often messages will come to assist you in understanding any particular genetic coding that you may be holding onto that is ready to be released.

5. When the healing/meditation session feels complete, give thanks to the Divine, your guides, masters and ancestors for sharing in the healing, and acknowledge that the healing will continue. Then close the session as you normally do, perhaps with a power symbol.

6. Do this as often as you can until you notice shifts in your thoughts, feelings, body, or circumstances. I strongly suggest that you do this daily for 21 days for the most magnificent results.

Allow the Reiki energy to assist you and guide you in all that you do, and it will take you into places within your being, and dimensions of your consciousness that you have not yet experienced. Channel healing and joy to your ancestors and allow the essence of their transformation to flow into your life and the lives of future generations. In so doing we allow ourselves to move into and create a new paradigm of working and living in joy, peace, and prosperity for all people.