2011 Is The Year!

by William Lee Rand

The predictions for 2012 have been misinterpreted. The “end of the world” doesn’t refer to the end of the physical world, but refers to the end of old, dysfunctional ways of thinking about the world. It is our mindset, our concept of the world that will end and be replaced with a healthier, more appropriate understanding of what we need to do to make the world work for everyone. This shift in planetary consciousness will be beneficial and help us make the necessary transition to a sustainable world with greater peace and happiness and a higher quality of life.

The other part of the prediction that I don’t feel is accurate is the year it is to take place. The predicted shift will precede 2012 and take place the year before. It will take place in 2011 and in fact has already begun! Many people I have spoken to who are intuitive and sensitive to energy have independently come to the same conclusion. In addition, we need to be aware of the fact that previous shifts of this type have preceded the predicted date. The Harmonic Convergence that was celebrated in 1987 actually took place energetically the year before.

Whether or not you believe in this sort of thing, I myself and many I’ve spoken with feel that 2011 will be an amazingly good year; important changes and improvements will be possible for everyone. There is an energetic momentum developing that will support positive change and will sweep all those who are open to it up into a place where they can more easily heal the past and realize their higher potentials. While positive changes will take place all by themselves, those who are aware of this energetic tide and consciously take action to improve will experience more meaningful benefits.

Letting Go of the Past
If there are any experiences from 2010 or before you regret or are sad about or that you feel were detrimental, it’s important that you let go of them in a healthy, positive way. Keep in mind that the totality of our being--which includes both the conscious and subconscious parts of our mind--is the absolute master of our experience. In essence, you have created everything you’ve experienced.

While it’s easy to accept responsibility for creating the positive things in our lives, it is often difficult to accept that we have created the unwanted things. But remember that the subconscious mind is creating your experience too, and it is usually the subconscious mind that creates our unwanted experiences. This is why it’s difficult to accept that we create them, because we don’t know that we did. Because of this, we often blame others for our unwanted experiences. When we blame others for creating something in our lives that we don’t like, we actually give that person the power to continue doing it. By taking responsibility and stating that you caused the unwanted experience, you take back your power and at the same time you take possession of the experience. Because you own the experience, you now have the power to do whatever you want with it; you have the power to let it go.

Forgive and Learn the Lesson
If we have blamed someone for causing an unwanted experience, it’s very important to forgive them. By forgiving, you disconnect yourself from the negative belief that they harmed you, and in this way you allow a great blessing to come into your life. To do this, take some time to think of the person or situation you blamed for the unwanted experience and send them Reiki. Ask Reiki to help you forgive him or her and to forgive yourself for having negative feelings toward them. As healing takes place, you will feel stress being released and often feel relief in your heart as loving feelings flow into you.

Because we don’t like unwanted experiences, we often overlook the fact a gift resides within those experiences. The gift is often in the form of a lesson, something valuable you can learn from having had the experience. After you’ve forgiven, it’s important to look for the lesson. Send Reiki to the experience and ask to be shown the lesson. Once you recognize the lesson, ask Reiki to help you learn the lesson. As this process unfolds, it will become very easy to complete the process of letting go. This is because the lesson is the reason your subconscious mind decided to create the experience.

Letting go of past unwanted experiences is an important step in moving forward into the New Year. It releases you from having to take these negative feelings and energies with you into the future, thus making you lighter and freeing your mind to create your experience in the New Year in a healthier and happier way.

Empowering Our Goals
Setting goals and achieving them is an important part of personal development. Doing so contributes to your self-esteem and to the process of living a healthy, successful life. When contemplating your future and how your decisions and actions affect your life, keep in mind that time is a gift that comes to us freely; however, the value it has for us depends on how we make use of it. At the end of this year if you don’t start any new projects or change any part of your life, you’ll likely be in exactly the same place you are now. On the other hand, if you decide to change, to improve yourself or to develop something new in your life, at the end of the year you’ll be in a much better place. In addition, you’ll feel better about yourself throughout the year, as one of the most important parts of accomplishment is the experiences you have along the way. Often you learn new skills, make new friends, and have meaningful experiences.

But sometimes we may not be sure what goals are right for us. If this is the case, take some time to give yourself Reiki, and while doing so, contemplate your life and think about what activities would make a difference. Say a prayer, asking that you receive inspiration and guidance in determining what activities and goals are right for you. As Reiki flows through you, you’ll see your life more clearly and be more aware of the potential the future holds for you. You may get ideas while doing this exercise, but it’s also possible that ideas will come to you later in the day while driving or shopping or talking on the phone. Continue to take time each day to do this exercise, and fairly soon--within a week or so--you’ll become aware of your new goals and what you need to do to achieve them.

On the other hand, if you already have goals for the year, it’s important to use Reiki to help you achieve them. The addition of Reiki to the accomplishment of any goal will always make it easier and a lot more fun! Reiki smoothes the way, releases fear and stress, and has a way of creating magical moments when you meet the right person with the resources you need, or someone mentions an idea that is exactly the solution you’ve been looking for. One way to actualize your goals with Reiki is to write them on a piece of paper. Then place them in one hand and draw Reiki symbols over the top of them. Hold the paper in your hand and give it Reiki. Carry the paper with you and give it Reiki whenever you have a free moment. This will send Reiki to your mind and energy field in a way that gives you the uplifting inspiration and enthusiastic motivation needed to do whatever you need to do. It will help you create plans, modify them along the way if needed, and give you the energy to accomplish your goals.

We live in exciting times, with lots of resources and possibilities at our fingertips. It’s important that we make the best use of our time if we are to realize the potential our lives offer to us. Reiki is a valuable tool that can greatly improve the flow of your life and the meaning and value it makes available to you. Let us give thanks that we are alive and that we have such a wonderful gift, the gift of Reiki to assist us on our journey throughout the New Year.

Please read this article again, as I’m sure you’ll gain a better understanding of its ideas the second time and be better able to make use of the value they contain.