Developing Peace Consciousness with Reiki

by Laurelle Gaia

Those of us who are experienced with Reiki recognize the power that this magnificent healing energy has to create miracles and to always work for the highest good of all concerned.

What is a miracle? To me a miracle is an answer to a prayer and these answers come in many forms. The most amazing thing about miracles is that they usually come to us in forms much grander than we ever imagined... if we can learn to totally release our request to the heart of the Universe... and simply let our answer come.

We normally think of Reiki as a hands on healing tool which helps with the healing of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. However, we also know that Reiki is a powerful tool to assist in the manifestation of goals, to help us grow, change and to evolve as spiritual beings.

One thing that Reiki has taught me is that the power of our intentions, our thoughts and our words is beyond what most of us imagine to be possible. When we combine thoughts, words and intention with Reiki energy we co-create a force that is limitless in its ability to manifest.

As Reiki practitioners we understand that all things are energy, even our thoughts. We also know that by focusing Reiki on something it is changed in a positive way. Every person on this planet is a powerful spiritual being, capable of allowing the full energetic power of Universal healing love to flow through them to affect change and manifest our visions.

We have all experienced this power. Have you ever sent Reiki as you prayed for a sunny day for a special event, or used Reiki to manifest the perfect parking place? If you have, then you know that you have the power to create your own reality... so why limit it?

Imagine what could happen if, daily, you used the power of Reiki, the spoken word and prayer and you focused it on raising the peace vibration on the planet and to heal Mother Earth. Now imagine millions of people around the planet doing that too. We would begin to develop a powerful energetic pool in the collective consciousness. We would each begin to develop peace consciousness.

Let's think for a moment about the power our thoughts. We, as healing channels, must learn to become totally cognizant of our thoughts... totally responsible for the energy we create with our minds. The Universal Mind contains several "pools" of thought form energy, one of these is the collective consciousness. I am not referring to the collective unconscious, but the collection of all thoughts that we consciously offer into the Universe. Those thoughts are drawn together as a pool of thought form energy and it includes our deliberate thoughts and intentions, whether they are positive or destructive.

Every time we think thoughts about how bad the world is, how violent, how polluted, etc. we add energy to those things remaining a part of our reality. If we place thoughts into the Universe that we need to be protected from all the darkness in the world, are we not co-creating a world from which we need protection? What if, instead of placing thoughts violence, and need for protection into the collective consciousness, we placed thoughts of a world at peace, and people living in harmony with Mother Earth.

What if, instead of worrying about being protected from darkness, we created a cocoon of Reiki energy around our bodies, which raises our vibration and helps us retain the light of Universal Love in our energy field. We would then become a positive healing force wherever we are. We would make a powerful contribution to the development of Peace Consciousness, by simply being mindful and sending thoughts of peace, healing our Earth and humanity into the collective consciousness, as we channel Reiki energy.

We must be mindful of where we place our thoughts, because that is where our energy goes. We are truly co-creators of our own reality. We are learning to take responsibility for our personal, individual healing. With Reiki we are truly instruments of peace and healing and always empowered to serve the highest good. It is time to awaken to our inner knowing that we have the responsibility and the power to heal our Earth and move humanity into the age of peace.

Be Peace Now!