Take Responsiblity for Your Life

by William Lee Rand

In addition to healing specific issues, illnesses, and medical conditions it is important for us to continually remind ourselves that Reiki has many other applications. If we fully embrace its power, it can enhance and heal all areas of our lives.

Since Reiki is holistic, it takes into consideration one’s entire well-being. Not only physical health, but also emotional needs, mental health, and spiritual life are included in this process. Reiki can provide healing and guidance for making the changes needed to experience a healthier life on all levels. This kind of healing takes place for those who ask for, and are willing to accept, healing on a deeper level, and for those who are truly committed to doing whatever is necessary to enjoy a healthier, more meaningful life. When Reiki is working for us on this level, we may need to give up beliefs, habits, or addictions that do not support optimum health. We may find that we need to change friends or jobs, move, get married, or get a long-needed divorce.

One unhealthy emotional condition that often crops up is the tendency to blame others. It is easy to get caught up in a feeling of powerlessness, and to relieve the tension, resort to blaming others for our difficulties. Blame may be placed on parents, childhood teachers, spouses, the government, or even God. It is easy to find those who will sympathize and agree with us, thus providing some level of comfort or self-justification, although just below the surface, this behavior is easily recognized as unhealthy and doing nothing to resolve our problems.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we are powerless to solve many of our problems, but this belief is false. It is based in part on unhealed emotional pain, which distorts our reasoning and leads us to perpetuate our problems. To get out of this cycle of distress, we need to look more deeply into the nature of our inner selves and realize we are much more powerful than we’ve been led to believe. Reiki can help us to release our frustrations and live our lives from a place of greater personal power.

Rather than living our lives from a place of blame, we can rise to a level of responsibility. Realizing that we are powerful can help us to see how we create the unwanted situations in our lives through the choices that we make. These choices usually take place within a deeper, often subconscious, part of our mind. By looking more deeply into ourselves, we can become aware of the parts that make these unhealthy choices and heal them. Once this is done, we will no longer experience the unwanted, unhealthy events we were previously blaming others for.

We are very powerful. We attract to us or create in one way or another everything we experience! It must be understood that in the case of unfortunate events this concept isn’t blaming the victim, as some would have us believe. Rather, it allows us to rise above the concept of blame and being a victim into the clarity of personal power and being a victor.

When it is said that we create everything we experience, it’s based on the fact that we’re much more than our conscious minds; the part that we usually identify with and consider to be who we are. There is also the subconscious part of the mind which we are usually not aware of and within this part of our mind are many other personality aspects. Some of these subconscious aspects may not be in agreement with what we want to do on a conscious level. If this is the case, these parts will attempt to sabotage us. As an example, there may be subconscious parts that have been conditioned by religious training to accept that we’re not supposed to be happy or healthy or wealthy in this life, but that suffering is what we must experience to be favored in God’s eyes. This of course is not a valid idea, but if a subconscious aspect believes it to be true, this aspect will disapprove if we’re trying to live a happy, healthy, abundant life, and will try to stop us in one way or another. This is just one example of the many ways it’s possible for subconscious aspects of the personality to sabotage one’s life.

The subconscious mind is very powerful and is the major player in creating our lives. That’s why it’s important that all of its aspects be on our side. The subconscious mind is connected directly to our energy field, and it is through the energy field that we directly interact with the higher creative and motivational aspects of the world around us. As an example, one’s energy field can attract people and influence them in a favorable or unfavorable way. It can also attract spirits that support the purpose of the subconscious mind, either for good or ill. Developing ways to understand and interact with one’s subconscious mind is an important part of gaining more control over one’s life.

An effective method for gaining an understanding of the aspects of the subconscious mind is simply to look at your life. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The things or people in our lives that we don’t like are being created or attracted by the unhealthy aspects of our own subconscious minds! Because of this, the outer world also contains clues into the nature of those inner subconscious aspects that we may want to change. For example, if there is someone in your life who is causing you problems, rather than blame that person, accept that on an inner level, you’ve got a subconscious aspect that is most likely very similar to the parts of that person you don’t like.

It takes courage and determination to accept that you may share similarities with a person whom you dislike, but if you can do this, you can use this awareness to do something constructive about your life. Rather than blame the other person for your problems, you can connect with the part of your subconscious mind that attracted them and heal this part. As you heal this part, the person will either fade out of your life or simply not bother you any longer. This process will work for situations as well as people.

The following healing process involves the use of the Reiki Distant Healing symbol and the Mental/Emotional symbol. The Distant Healing symbol is used because it has the ability to act as a homing device to direct Reiki to the part of the subconscious mind that is responsible for creating the unwanted experience. The Mental/Emotional symbol is used because it has the ability to heal unhealthy habits and mental/emotional tendencies.

The Process

  1. Draw the Distant Healing symbol and the Mental/Emotional symbols on your hands.
  2. Think of the unwanted issue or person in your life that is causing you distress.
  3. Consider that there is a similar part within you that is creating this experience.
  4. Say a prayer asking that Reiki be directed to the part(s) within yourself that is causing the problem and for Reiki to create the healing needed.
  5. Using your intuition, place your hands on yourself, or somewhere in your aura, and allow Reiki to flow.
  6. Continue sending Reiki as long as it feels appropriate to do so.
  7. Be aware of any ideas, feelings or clues that give you a better understanding of why this part is creating the unwanted experience.
  8. Allow the healing to take place; this may include changes in your attitudes, values and beliefs.
  9. Be aware of the outer experience or person that prompted the need for healing and observe if your attitude toward the person changes, or if the unwanted experience is transforming into a healthier expression.
  10. Repeat this healing session as many times as is necessary until it feels complete.

When we eliminate the time and energy used to blame others and redirect it toward solutions that create healthy results, tension and stress melt away, and life becomes ever more grounded in relaxed confidence and in a knowingness that our fondest dreams can now become reality. Everything we need to transform our lives into a healthier, more positive experience is available to us now. All we need to do is take responsibility and take action, and the glorious adventure of our extraordinary lives will unfold before our eyes.