Leading with Reiki, Following with Words

by Richard Curtin, Psy.D., Reiki Master and Judith Prebluda, M.A., Reiki Master

Psychotherapeutic Reiki is a technique that blends Eastern energy concepts and Western psychological perspectives. It is used to treat psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. This technique utilizes the Reiki energy, mindfulness practice, cognitive psychotherapy, and stress management.

Psychotherapeutic Reiki understands psychological health as the unimpeded flow of energy in the human energy field. Humans cultivate and maintain psychological health by being able to clear and release the negative effects of any traumatic experience or set of conditions that occur in their lives as development progresses and unfolds. However, just as water in the physical world flows when unimpeded and is "blocked" or "stuck" when obstructed, so too can energy become blocked in the human energy field. When an individual is unable to release the effects of a traumatic experience, the flow of energy in the body and the field becomes depleted, congested, blocked or disturbed in ways that produce energetic imbalance. The imbalance will eventually effect the quality of human thinking, belief systems, feelings, moods, behavior and physical health.

Reiki is used both to assess and to treat the 
problems and blockages we find in a person’s energy field.

When we initially meet with the client we do both a psychological and an energetic evaluation. We attempt to identify the specific beliefs emotions and behaviors that are creating both psychological difficulty and energy imbalance. We look at the "presenting problem" as an energetic event occurring on and across all levels of the Human Energy Field; physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal and spiritual.

After completing an initial assessment of the presenting problem, treatment begins with generalized and localized "sweeping" of the energy field. We pay particular attention to distressed areas of the body and to those chakras or energy centers relating to the areas of distress and to the presenting problem. Sweeping is a technique in which the practitioner passes his/her hand in, through and around the client’s energy field. This technique is very useful for clearing negative elements that are lodged in the client’s field. Sweeping can also be used diagnostically, to detect areas of the energy congestion, depletion or imbalance. Many clients have found that sweeping heightens their awareness of their bodies and their energy field, thus allowing them to experience themselves in greater depth.

After sweeping the body we apply Reiki. Reiki is used both to assess and to treat the problems and blockages we find in a person’s energy field. We usually start Reiki treatments at either the client’s feet or head as these positions enable the practitioner to obtain a "reading" of the client’s entire energy field. The impressions received from the energy field serve to initiate a dialogue with the client in a joint effort to assess areas needing attention and focus. We often guide clients in the use of an in-depth body scan, which enables them to utilize their awareness to scan their body from toe to head and note areas of pain, tension, imbalance, etc. As the practitioner treats the client’s major chakras and energy centers, he/she is continuing to assess areas of the body needing attention and focus. Areas that are energetically imbalanced tend to express psychological and emotional information. This is because each of the body’s major chakras process energy for specific psychological and emotional functions as well as for biological functions. For example, loss is often expressed as imbalance in both the solar plexus and the heart chakras, while negative thoughts affect the crown chakra and the third eye.

Reiki energy healing is an effective method.

As the practitioner applies Reiki to this area, the client is invited to participate in exploring the psychological meaning(s) that relate to this imbalance. Reiki often brings out specific body memories, emotions and associated thoughts which need to be uncovered and released so that healing may take place.

Once particular psychological and emotional patterns have surfaced and are being worked on energetically, the therapeutic dialogue between practitioner and client takes on more significance in the treatment process. Table work is continued with the use of more traditional therapeutic tools, such as emotional release work, cognitive restructuring, problem solving and trauma work. We also utilize imagery, focusing, breath work, movement and mindfulness practice to teach stress reduction and build better coping skills and self awareness. Through the use of these and other techniques we seek to enable our clients to experience and understand the multidimensional changes they are making in the therapeutic process.

We also... teach stress reduction and build better coping skills and self awareness.

From the perspective of psychotherapeutic Reiki there is a relationship between the presence of psychological and emotional symptoms and the blockage or disruption to the flow of energy in the Human Energy Field.

Reiki energy healing is an effective method for intervening in the human energy field and releasing those blockages that are contributing to a client’s symptoms. Once these blockages are identified we work on releasing them by combining Reiki with both traditional and mind/body therapeutic techniques.

Our approach is an attempt to develop a creative integrative process which synthesizes some of what we have found to be the most helpful and exciting innovations in the fields of psychotherapy, spiritual integration, and energy healing. We see this as a thriving and creative approach which will constantly evolve as our knowledge and experience increases.

Richard Curtin and Judith Prebluda are independent Reiki Masters who completed their Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® Master training through the International Center for Reiki Training.

Richard Curtin, Psy.D. is a licensed Psychologist and has been practicing psychotherapy since 1975.

He is the author of Psychotherapeutic Reiki: A Holist Body-Mind Approach to Psychotherapy.

Judith Prebluda, M.A., L.M.H.C., A.D.T.R. is a licensed master’s level psychotherapist and an advanced dance/movement therapist.

They operate a clinical practice in the Boston, MA area, The Center for Change and can be reached at (617) 776-9898.