The Spiritual Origins of Karuna Reiki®

by Laurelle Gaia

This is an excerpt from Laurelle’s book titled The Book On Karuna Reiki®; Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World.

The more I use Karuna Reiki, the more I recognize that it is somehow facilitating an inter-dimensional flow of energies. By this I mean it is allowing the practitioner to activate soul awareness of healing technologies from ancient and future times, and to link through the dimensions to bring them into the current time space that we know to be third dimensional reality.

Through the use of Karuna Reiki, we have the opportunity to expand our concept of reality.  It is so easy to become focused on our daily lives in the third dimension and believe that is all there is; or think that is the only thing that is important.  Sometimes it seems as if we are afraid to let ourselves believe in the vastness of creation.

We can begin to understand the idea of inter-dimensional realities, or other planes of existence; if, for a moment, we forget everything we think we know about linear time and allow the possibility that time is actually a continuum. 

Imagine time as a continuous flow of energy that contains all the events that have ever happened, are happening in this moment, or will ever happen.  If this is so, then we can also imagine being able to train our mind to blend with our higher consciousness, and with the proper tools, link in with past and future events and cultures.

As strange as this may seem, it might be one explanation for past life memory, as well as how and why some of us are tapping into Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian and Biblical healing techniques and systems.  This is happening to many healers as they raise their vibration and release their fears of the unknown and travel into these other dimensions or planes of consciousness, tapping into the time continuum.

It is very common for new Karuna Reiki practitioners to receive glimpses of Biblical or Egyptian times, including memories or visions of healing chambers inside the pyramids, healing oils and rituals.  It is my intuitive sense that the reason these times are the first to be recalled is that the energy of those times is denser than the Atlantean and Lemurian times.

Lemurian’s were both physical and etheric beings and thus the energy of their time is of a higher vibration than the Atlantean’s and ancient Egyptian’s. As we work with Karuna Reiki® and other high frequency healing technologies, our vibration raises and we are able to tap into the crystal temples of Atlantis, and the rainbow crystalline energy of the Lemurian temples and chambers.

Something that has come very clear to me as I work with Karuna is that the power of the group in healing is nothing short of phenomenal. A group is truly powerful when all of the people serving as instruments for healing energy to flow through can truly set their personalities and egos aside. When all members of a group come together with clear intention and pure hearts, miracles happen.

In Lemuria telepathic abilities were very highly developed among the leaders and the power of group energy was truly understood. It was through a group of Lemurian’s who had highly evolved telepathic abilities, holding a common vision, and channeling specific frequencies of energy; that buildings, temples, pyramids, etc. were constructed. The Lemurian’s manifested what they needed using prayer, focused intention, collective vision and energy.

Knowing these things about Lemuria helps explain to me why so much of what were are being guided to do now involves holding a common vision, channeling energy, and waiting until the vision manifests.

Oneness - A Lemurian Explanation

There is a Lemurian guide who works with me, and a group of friends. Her name is Lamaya. I had never been aware of her until one day this particular group gathered, prayed, meditated and sent energy together.  Lamaya came to us at that time and explained the concept of “admanatine particles of light”. She said that we are all truly one, and that our souls are made of an infinite number of light particles. These particles of light hold the essence of every soul, and therefore the memories that each soul holds. These are the adamantine particles of light.

She laughed as she explained why so many people sense that they were Cleopatra, Edgar Cayce, or witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus. She explained that this is because we did!

Our soul blueprint, or personal akashic record, holds the essence of every single experience of every incarnate and non-incarnate soul. Therefore we are truly one with all there is.

As I am writing, I can’t help but wonder if this is too “out there” for some of you reading this. However, I have a very strong sense that it is important to discuss these concepts here. You don’t have to embrace this information as your truth, but I ask that you consider it as a possibility.

Since I was a very young child I have had an inner knowing that what I have described here is true to me, but I didn’t understand how it could be. 

We have the perception that we live in a logical, analytical world and it is very difficult to accept ideas that cannot be scientifically proven. However, since the introduction of Karuna Reiki into my life, I am remembering more every day of the limitless nature of creation, and I am learning to be open to all possibilities.

I wish you a discerning heart and mind, which are open to infinite possibilities.

In the Light of the Creator...

We See Only Love

copyright 2000 Laurelle Gaia reprinted with permission

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