Claiming Your Life

by William Lee Rand

The weather is getting warmer and more enjoyable, allowing us to relax. Spending time outdoors seems like a good idea and you might decide to sit on the lawn and read or just enjoy the fresh air and look at the trees and grass and bushes and clouds. And there are also picnics, laying on the beach, swimming, hiking, canoeing, bicycling, and so many other wonderful things to do. It's amazing how much better we feel when we spend time outdoors.

And as we observe nature, especially when we're away from the city, in the forests or mountains or by the rivers and lakes or the ocean, it’s easy to see that each living thing grows in a way that is unique and right for it to grow. Nature has a way of giving life the freedom to express itself.

As living beings, we are also unique in our potential, in the ways that it’s possible for us to grow and in what’s possible for us to experience and accomplish with our lives. But sometimes, cultural conditioning and social pressures or influences from those close to us such as our parents, siblings, and friends prevent us from bringing about the expression of who we really are. Yet, as we heal and grow, the fears and worries and doubts that allowed others to direct our lives weaken and fade. We remember our dreams and hopes. And as the healing process continues, the meaningful parts of ourselves become strong and with this new strength, begin to express themselves.

This is our purpose— to heal and grow into the person we are meant to be, to become centered in the values we cherish and to live our lives from a place of integrity with who we really are. While there are parts within each person that are the same and allow us to bond and connect with each other, it is the unique parts of ourselves that must be expressed if we are to truly enjoy our lives. It is also our uniqueness that is most enjoyed by others. And most importantly, individual uniqueness is the essence of creativity and a necessary part of accomplishing our life purpose.

As we listen to popular music it's easy to tell that musicians become popular because they develop a unique sound. The same is true for all forms of artistic expression and for life in general. Discovering your unique strengths, developing them, and making them a central part of your life is the key to a life well lived.

So if there’s something you've been longing to do with your life but have held back from doing it, I encourage you to trust in your longing and go ahead and do it. Be adventurous, be bold. Trust in yourself and your ability to learn what you need to learn and create the opportunities you need to move forward with your plans. Life favors those who live this way.

This article appears in the Welcome section of the Summer 2011 issue of Reiki News Magazine