Reiki for Exercise and Sports

by William Lee Rand

Reiki is a versatile healing method that has a wide range of applications. It’s able to promote healing and rejuvenation in every area of our lives. It's also able to enhance creativity, improve motivation and increase productivity. Its use in exercise and sports activities is an area that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. Reiki can definitely improve the results you get from your exercise program and can enhance sports performance.

There are several ways it can do this. First of all, Reiki can help your muscles heal faster and more deeply after intense workouts thus helping them grow back stronger and resist injury.

According to a report from Lenox Hill hospital in New York, in order to increase the strength of your muscles, it’s necessary to work out at an intensity that causes muscles to have a burning sensation and become sore, then to rest or work out at a lower intensity during the following workouts which allows the muscles to heal. The soreness indicates that muscle cell damage has taken place, but when this happens, the damaged muscle cells release tissue growth factors which cause the muscle cells to grow back larger and increase in number as long as enough rest takes place to allow the muscles to heal. This repeated cycle of stressing the muscles through intense workouts followed by rest causes muscles to continue to grow stronger. Exercising at lower intensity following an intense workout rather than complete rest will cause muscles to heal in a way that creates greater resistance to injury.

It’s in the resting period that Reiki can really help muscles grow stronger. After an intense workout, lay down and rest right away and either get a Reiki session or give one to yourself, treating the muscle groups involved. This will provide a higher level of healing for the muscles which will supercharge the regeneration process causing the muscle cells to grow back stronger and increasing their number more so than without Reiki.

Another way Reiki can help your exercise and sports activities is in the area of injuries. These can include sprains, strained muscles, bruises, broken bones and even worse. When this happens, rest and sometimes even medical attention is necessary in order to heal. Here's where Reiki really shines! Reiki will help all injuries heal faster. It will also reduce pain and create a more complete recovery. Regular Reiki treatments are recommended; daily sessions if possible. This can be accomplished using a combination of self sessions and session received from others. The faster you heal, the sooner you're back in action and Reiki will speed up the process!

While playing volley ball I hit the ball too hard at a bad angle and sprained my wrist. It hurt and I was thinking I should leave the court, but began giving myself Reiki. I felt an immediate release in the wrist and it began to feel better. The ball came my way and I hit it with my good hand, passing it to another player and continued to give myself Reiki. It kept feeling better until it felt strong enough to use both hands. I continued to play and ended the game with no pain or weakness in my wrist at all. My team mates were amazed!

Considering the importance exercise has for maintaining our health and well-being Reiki can add a great deal to our quality of life when combined with exercise. The value is even greater for those involved in sports where the thrill of competition and teamwork provides additional benefits. Those involved in professional sports will find the use of Reiki even more valuable as improved performance improves job security as well as income. Let us be thankful for the amazing benefits the use of Reiki can bring into our lives.