Know Your Reiki Guides... the Art of Listening

by Laurelle Gaia

Isn't it interesting how the Universe brings lessons to our attention repeatedly, until we listen? The other day I observed my friend Michael having a telephone conversation with a business associate. I was amazed at how often Michael was interrupted by the person he was talking too. Every time Michael would attempt to answer a question, the other person talked over him, and he never had a chance to fully answer. Shortly after this, I observed a couple in a restaurant, and they too were talking over each other, and neither was hearing what the other was saying. They weren’t arguing, simply trying to have a conversation. Then in the grocery store, a little boy was trying to tell his father something, and it was as if the boy were invisible, he was never even acknowledged. Suddenly I felt a little twinge in my heart, that I hadn't noticed for a long time. I knew that twinge was a signal from my higher self and my guides. I have felt this in the past just before I received a message, or inspiration about something in my life.

I began to reflect on the art of listening and recent events in my life. As I did this I had one of those A ha! moments. There has been an unusual amount of confusion in my life lately, at times I felt overwhelmed by all the sudden changes, and just couldn’t seem to get clarity on some issues. I had become a little disappointed with this unusual lack of connection with my spiritual guidance. As I was pondering on this lesson in listening, I realized that I had allowed all the upheaval in my life to prevent me from tuning into my heart. I was trying to sort things out mentally, and I was not hearing my heart's message.

Then I thought of all the times students have asked me How can I talk to my guides, how do I know they are there? My answer to this question has always been Listen with your heart.

If I need guidance I find it works best for me to stop whatever I am doing, take a deep breath, say a prayer, invoke the distant healing symbol, and ask that the Reiki energy help connect me with my guides. When I feel the energy flowing, I will ask a specific question, stay very quiet and pay attention to what I hear. Now I don't usually audibly hear voices, but I FEEL them. For example, I knew I was to move to a new home in Colorado, however I wasn't sure where. To discern this, I asked my guides to tell me where my next home was to be. Then I just felt a warm glowing sensation in my heart, and had an idea of a place that I had never been, but was feeling very curious about. I immediately went to this area, and within two hours had found my new home.

This same technique applies for me when I am doing Reiki treatments on others. When I find an area of the person's body that has a blockage, and I feel that we need additional information about this, I use the same process of connecting with my guides to receive a specific answer. 

Two things that I have learned about communicating with guides is that they take many forms, and if they are acknowledged and thanked they appreciate it and then teach me more. 

When we are frustrated because we don't feel our guides presence, it is simply because we have placed a veil between ourselves and our guidance. We do this in many ways but the most common ways are by holding an expectation of the form the guide should take, trying too hard, staying so busy that we don't allow ourselves the opportunity to listen, or by focusing our attention on what others are doing rather than on our own thoughts, feelings, actions and behavior.

Listening is a healing art. I learned this years ago by observing some of my greatest teachers. They each had this amazing ability to make me feel like I was the only person on the planet during the time I was talking with them. I never doubted that they truly heard what I was saying. 

I find this important to do, especially when working with clients and students. It is very healing to know that someone cares enough to really listen. Sometimes I find it helpful to invoke the distant symbol when I am having a pre-treatment dialogue with a client. In this case I do so with the intention a bridge of light connects our higher-selves and guides, and that we are conversing from our higher minds and hearts. This enables me to hear things that may not be verbalized but are important to the healing session. 

In closing, I would like to borrow a phrase from the Course in Miracles, “Every encounter is a holy encounter.” If we remember this whenever someone speaks to us, we have an opportunity to be Divinely blessed by simply giving that person our undivided attention, really hearing what they have to say, and listening with our hearts..

In the Light of the Creator... We See Only Love