Living from Our Greatest Experience

by William Lee Rand

Of the many experiences we have in our lifetimes, some have unusual meaning for us. These singular experiences can come spontaneously without having done anything unusual to trigger them while at other times they may come from some special preparation or exercise we’ve been involved with. As an example, at some point in life some have had the experience of feeling at one with everything in nature or with everything in the universe. Or we may have had an experience of being very centered in who we are, and experienced a level of confidence that transcended our petty worries and fears so that we felt whole and complete within ourselves. Or we may have experienced a feeling of love within our hearts that expanded out freely to all living things and created a feeling of complete fulfillment.

These experiences can also come to us as the result of deliberate exercises such as during or after meditation, or yoga, or other similar activities and frequently come to those who practice Reiki. People often describe these experiences taking place during a Reiki session, either giving or receiving or taking place in a Reiki class during an attunement or guided meditation. During these experiences we often contemplate life or some aspect of it and find ourselves having feelings of joy, harmony, peace love and many other amazingly wonderful feelings. These are often present as foundation feelings that seem to be the ambient energy on which everything in life exists.

During these experiences our awareness expands or extends up to higher dimensions and we experience life in ways we didn’t realize were possible. It often feels like waking up from a deep sleep, or coming out of a fog. New understanding about important aspects of life becomes obvious and we are aware of life in ways that are far more meaningful than what we usually experience. During these times, our everyday worries and concerns seem undeveloped and childish in comparison and we’re able to see the world and our place in it to contain tremendous freedom and exuberant joy.

These are often called peak experiences and are the most authentic experiences we can have. Yet for most they are fleeting. They last only a short time and then they’re gone. Yet the memory persists and often we have a longing for them as we know innately that they connect us more strongly with the essence of life itself.

These experiences offer special value for us and if we accept their challenge, they have the power to greatly alter our lives in extraordinary ways. The challenge they offer is to allow them to guide our lives based on the values they present to us. Take a moment to think about what this means. If you’ve had peak experiences similar to those described above, think about what it would be like to live from this place and to base all the important decisions in your life on what you experienced.

By doing this, you’ll be living from your most meaningful self; living from the basis of your greatest experience. You’ll also be nurturing these experiences and like seeds, they’ll grow so their energy and their state of consciousness will become more and more a part of your everyday life. This will give you greater joy, enthusiasm, and peace as you live your life from the place of your most authentic self! Because you’ll be living more directly from the essence of life, your creativity will flourish making it easier to redesign your life in healthier ways. You’ll find it easy to try new things, to meet and enjoy being with new people and to transform your life!

Take the time right now to drift back into one of your peak experiences. Use the distant symbol and send Reiki to this experience and allow its energy to flow all around you and through you so you become one with the experience. Dwell in this experience a while and then consider how it might affect your life right now. Could it influence decisions you are contemplating or awaken you to choices about your life you hadn’t considered?

As you embark on this path, and begin living more fully from your most meaningful experience, you’ll be living the greatest adventure life has to offer and you’ll be fulfilling its greatest purpose. Is this the kind of life you’d like to have? The choice is yours, the door is open, and you can begin now.