Reiki Retreat Participants Find Love

by Melinda DeBoer

Clemens is from the Netherlands and Christine from France. Christine was the translator for our 1997 Karuna Reiki® Class and Europa Reiki Retreat. They met at the retreat, fell in love and are now planning to marry. They share their story with us here.

CLEMENS: I thought I had it all figured out. My wife and I were going to set up a spiritual center in the Netherlands...until she decided it was better for her to go on her own. A divorce followed and I had an opportunity to heal some emotional issues. I fell into a bit of a slump and did not really know what to do next with my life. Then there was one coincidence after the other, and I learned about Karuna Reiki® in Carnac, France in October 1997. Besides the inner need to go on the Karuna path, I had a strange feeling I would meet someone there who was about to become very important in my life.

CHRISTINE: For the second time, we were ready to hold the Karuna Reiki® training and the first Europa Karuna Reiki® Retreat in Carnac, France. I was much more relaxed doing the English-French translation the second time. At that moment, my life was like a blank page. My current public health job was about to collapse due to lack of funds in the organization; I just lost the chance to set up a Reiki practice in Paris...the only thing that seemed right was that I was single for more than a year and half and very happy like that!

I had the strange feeling that a page was about to turn and I was facing a new one. I was very confident for my future. The wife of a friend of mine living in Africa, asked to meet me because she had a message to provide me. At the cafe-street in Paris, she told me that I would meet my soul-mate in 7 months. Out of respect I did not laugh at her, but I was not really into those kind of stories. Politely, I counted with her and we arrived at the conclusion that the date would be in October, 1997 What are the chances of me meeting someone special in October? The Karuna training came to my mind, then I forgot that detail for months.

CLEMENS: In the beginning of the Karuna training, I was looking for someone special, but my rational mind said to stop (no more expectations...) But...if there was someone, it must be the translator from Paris.

CHRISTINE: My translation work was occupying too much of my mind to be able to pay attention to other things. Only during the "Healing Days Sessions" did I start to open my eyes, at last.

CLEMENS: After a few days, during a healing session held in teams, there was the click.

CHRISTINE: I did Reiki with Clemens and there was an intense presence of happiness and recognition. We were able to do the healing work in perfect balance and harmony, knowing exactly what to do and where to go, adjusting the yin and yang power as if we had been doing it for many, many years already.

CLEMENS AND CHRISTINE: After almost a year, we are planning to get married soon, set up a family and healing center. Being two Karuna healers, the healing is going non-stop between us, clearing lots of stuff and karmic issues. The connection between us is increasing as the blockages are decreasing. We observe that our meeting creates a healing and harmony which spreads around us spontaneously. The spiritual growth through forgiveness enhances our two creative energies merging into another stronger energy - the power of love. May all couples find this fountain of love energy and share it with the world.

Christine and Clemens visited our Reiki Retreat at Camp Ronora in 1998 and were an inspiration to all of us. They are now our Karuna Reiki® representatives in the Netherlands and France! We wish them the very best.