Summer Solstice World Peace Session

by Laurelle Gaia

I just love the way Reiki communicates with us! It is fascinating how those progressing side by side down our spiritual paths, no matter how far apart we are geographically, are receiving such similar messages. When I read the article that my Reiki colleague Jessica wrote, "A Reiki Gateway to...", I knew it was time to share the message of the “Reiki Power Doorway.

Reiki works in so many ways and one of my favorites is to use it to link with others of like heart and mind in distant group meditation. I work with several small groups in this way for our personal healing, as well as for peace and planetary transformation. Each group has been guided with a unique way to work together. In one such group I am sharing with Lynda Akin, a Center licensed teacher in Dallas, Texas, and others. We have been guided to the numerological vibration (number of participants) the group should hold, as well as techniques to use.

The beautiful thing about working in a group like this is, the connection becomes so strong, that we are holding the energy for one another and are able to receive very clear instructions regarding our healing requests, and new healing techniques. One or more of us is always in a remote location, sometimes we all are in our homes, sometimes a few of us are together and the rest are in our homes. We use Reiki, and techniques that the energy has shared with us, to connect.

Over a period of time I had been seeing a vague image of a doorway, and then one of the participants received a message that we should create a prayer of intent to assist in manifesting our healing visions. This prayer was to begin "Thank you God for the open door to ..." then one states their sacred intention. i.e. "Thank you God for the open door to a healthy body, mind and spirit." or "Thank you God for the open door to perfect manifestation of my Divine Purpose in this life". You simply create your sacred intention, clearly and concisely. It is helpful to put it in writing and state it aloud as well.

Once this prayer was given to us, the image I had been seeing came into clear focus and I was guided to draw it. Now I have never prided myself on my artistic accomplishments, but I knew I was being asked to capture the essence of the energy of the doorway in color and give it form. So I prayed, invoked Reiki and CLOSED my eyes. With my eyes closed I sensed the chalks I was working with and was guided one by one to the color, and placed it on paper without looking. I continued this process until the energy felt complete and then I opened my eyes. There was an image on the paper that resembled a doorway. Now with my eyes open I was guided to add just a few strokes in specific colors and was told to stop. We are now using this as a visual tool to help with our meditation work.

Creating a Distant Healing Group

If you like this idea, here is a process that you can use. I would suggest you start your group with three people who are committed to working together and create a strong foundation before inviting others to join. Set a time to do this work, and the new moon offers wonderful supporting energy. (new moons during the next 3 months are April 16, May 15, and June 13). Prepare your intentions the week before, use Reiki by invoking all the symbols you are attuned to and ask the energy to help you connect to the wisdom of your Godself. When you feel empowered in this way, simply ask your Godself what your sacred intentions for this month, and for the long term, should be at this time. Write this down in your journal or on a piece of paper and draw pictures if you feel inspired.

It is not necessary to share the content of your intentions unless you want to ... actually when working strictly with the energy of the new moon, it is often more powerful to keep your intentions as private thoughts.

Creating Sacred Meditation Space

On the day of the meditation take time to prepare a sacred space using your intuition. You may feel inspired to use candles, incense, crystals, special music, photos of Jesus or Buddha or others who are spiritually inspiring to you, tuning forks or chimes, etc. Listen to your heart as you prepare this sacred space.

Here is a process that I use. I pray first to be a clear and open channel for Reiki to flow through and to be empowered to create a sacred space for our healing meditation. I ask that only spiritual energies that are functioning fully in the light of God’s love be with me. I strengthen my light (as William describes in the cover article) by placing Reiki symbols in my palms and drawing an Usui power symbol down the front of my body and each chakra. Next I place the Usui power symbol on all four walls, the ceiling and floor and draw all the symbols I am attuned to in the center of the room. At this point I feel very much in alignment with the energy. This allows me then to be guided to the sacred tools appropriate to work with at this time.

I often use four candles, white, green, blue, and pink placed in the shape of a diamond surrounding the space where I will sit, and incense inside. I like the music “Incantations” available by special order through the Center. I usually use a photo of Jesus and an image of the Divine Mother (Mary, Kwan Yin or Isis). I also incorporate crystals that "feel right" in the moment. I write the names of the others in my group on a piece of paper, and have my journal, or paper with my written sacred intentions placed on a silk scarf which serves as an altar. When the space feels complete I leave it for awhile with the intention that the energies are growing stronger.

About 30 minutes before our meditation "date" I light the candles and incense. At the time we have agreed to connect I pray again for the connection and state the names of the people involved and give thanks that all our sacred intentions be upheld by the Reiki energy in the light of the highest good of all concerned. I then invoke the Usui long distance healing symbol to create a bridge of light, and then other symbols or images as I am guided. When I feel the connection, I visualize the image of the Reiki Power Doorway and say the prayer "Thank you God for the open door to...." while visualizing or imagine all of our intentions becoming light and moving into and through the spiral in the door. The intention is that this doorway takes the prayers directly into the heart of God, for healing and manifestation for the highest good.

Join the Wave of Planetary Healing June 21

This same process can be used to assist in healing the earth, creating peace and for specific global issues. I would like to invite you to join us for a special meditation on the summer solstice, June 21, at 12 noon in whatever timezone you reside.

Reiki transcends linear time and will make the necessary group connection helping to create the effect of a "wave of healing love and peace" around the planet. If you cannot physically sit in meditation at that time, you can timecapsule by using the distance symbol, and asking that the energy connect with the group at 12 noon. I would ask that you consider creating your personal sacred intentions, but that each of us offer this prayer as well; "Thank you God for the open door to peace among all the people of the world, the healing of our mother Earth, and the harmonizing of humanity's consciousness with Gaia". (Gaia represents the living Earth named for the mythological Goddess that brought the world forth from chaos into peace)

The time to unite our group energies in powerful ways is here. Reiki is a limitless tool for transformation and healing. Please join us June 21st as a strong, united light ... hold the vision ... expect a miracle and BE Peace Now! In the Light of the Creator.

We See Only Love . . . Laurelle

© 1999 Laurelle Gaia reprinted with permission