A Reiki Gateway to...

by Jessica Miller

You come to a bridge, a door frame, or stone cliffs rising to either side, framing your path, and it becomes a gateway. You set your intent:

"May greater prosperity and love come into my life, and the lives of all who pass through here."

On the left column you visualize prosperity, on the right love. You beam Reiki to each side, and ask your angels to create a gateway of your intent. As you pass through, you feel its energy charge and bless you. You give thanks to the Gateway, and go beyond.

This is a magical Reiki technique that I was first guided to use some years ago. Even people who are not attuned to the Reiki energy, and who did not create the gateway can often feel it. Imagine tens of thousands of us creating gateways, the blessing energy we would all receive. There are magical gateways everywhere, both natural and manmade, just waiting for you to acknowledge them, empower them and use them.

Help create a more magical universe! Try this today!