39 Things I Have Learned In My Life

by Michelle R. Brennan

  1. Listening to Spirit’s inner voice ultimately makes life easier.
  2. "Letting go" is the only way to keep something or someone in your life.
  3. Everyone should have a cat because a cat makes you smile once in a while.
  4. Children are the best mirrors.
  5. Love is a commitment to growth.
  6. Dogs understand love better than people do.
  7. Angels inhabit human forms.
  8. "We" vs. "They" thinking creates fear and conflict. Harmony requires a sense of community.
  9. Quiet reflection feeds the soul.
  10. Books are the ambrosia of life.
  11. Freedom is worth the responsibility.
  12. Friends who listen are rare treasures.
  13. Ice cream can make almost anyone feel better.
  14. Life is a privilege.
  15. Goodnight hugs and kisses heal the day.
  16. Tight shoes don’t make your feet look THAT much smaller. Vanity isn’t worth the pain.
  17. There’s a gift in every lesson of life.
  18. No one is an expert on you, except you.
  19. Sunshine promotes a positive attitude.
  20. Holding onto grievances smothers joy.
  21. Help is as close as a prayer.
  22. Truth is simple.
  23. One person CAN make a difference in the world.
  24. Change only APPEARS difficult.
  25. Open minds are healthy minds.
  26. People who follow their bliss are the most interesting people.
  27. You don’t own an idea until you understand it with your heart.
  28. There is no end to learning; you just move to the next level.
  29. There is ALWAYS another way of looking at things.
  30. Peace is a choice.
  31. Your life is your creation.
  32. It’s not worth the calories unless it’s chocolate.
  33. Whatever you give eventually comes back to you.
  34. New adventures help you feel young.
  35. It is your inner power not your weakness that most frightens you.
  36. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.
  37. Everyone has the same amount of faith, they just invest it differently.
  38. Older doesn’t mean wiser unless you’ve looked within.
  39. Sometimes crying is the best response.