Recovering from Aids

by Dan Wray

Finding out I had AIDS in January of 1998 was devastating, especially as I was in the hospital extremely ill with Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP, a bacterial parasite type pneumonia) and could hardly breathe. During this time, a dear friend of mine called on a Reiki practitioner he knew and asked her to visit me in the hospital. I did not understand why this lady I didn't even know would want to sit with me several days a week for an hour at a time, especially when I could hardly even speak most of the time.

I remember this stranger asking me if I would allow her to visit and send me energy for healing. While not fully understanding what she meant, I nodded yes-I was willing to try just about anything. After three weeks in the hospital, I finally recovered enough to go home, but I wasn't prepared to handle what was to happen during the next four months-four months that changed my life in the worst way for the better.

Over the next four months, I literally had to be carried into the hospital emergency room to be diagnosed with something different each month, and each month I would be in the hospital for a minimum of two to three weeks. In January and March I suffered from pneumonia (PCP), and in February I had a severe paralyzing reaction to my AIDS medications. But perhaps the most devastating time was in April, the week of my birthday, when I contracted an opportunistic intestinal parasite and Cytomegalovirus (CMV retinitus), a rare eye virus that usually causes one to go blind-even if the four-hour, daily IV treatment works.

Several of the doctors who were treating me said that I should get my affairs in order because they had not seen anyone go through what my body was experiencing with AIDS-related diseases and survive very long. Yet, every month the doctors were amazed that I recuperated. I now attribute much of my recovery to the Reiki and prayers that I was receiving...

One thing I find particularly amazing is that not until I decided to practice Reiki did I notice major consistent improvement in my health. It was after I became attuned to Reiki I & II and began practicing on other people with AIDS that I noticed my T-Cells finally going up consistently and the HIV virus in my body becoming undetectable with each set of labs that came back...

This is just part of the article which appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of Reiki News Magazine. The complete article contains facinating aspects of Dan's recovery that will inspire you and give your greater insight into how Reiki can help people with AIDS.