Peace as Vibration

by Laurelle Gaia

Reiki helps us understand, on an experiential level, that all things are energy and that energy is constantly changing. Through Reiki we also learn that energy is simply vibrational frequency that can be raised, or lowered by increasing or decreasing the amount of light available. Therefore, peace is a vibration that can be affected by the light of the Reiki energy. As we create peace in our own hearts, we align with our personal purpose for being alive, we remember who we are.

When we truly understand that we are spiritual beings placed on this earth to remember our Divinity; to understand that the only true power is love and to carry out the mission that the Creative Divine Consciousness is offering us... we are tapping into this power and transforming the world... from the inside... outward.

A simple Reiki meditative technique, that I like to experience in the morning, which helps me feel deep, abiding inner peace is as follows: I offer a prayer of intention, calling on the highest and most holy spiritual energies and invoking the guidance of my higher self. In this prayer I give thanks that I am aligning with the path of most light for this particular day.

I send the distant Reiki symbol forward "into my day", imagining that it is a brilliant bridge of light stretching out before me. I send any other Reiki or Karuna Reiki® symbols, that come to mind, across this bridge. I then sit in meditation in this energy for several minutes, or maybe as long as a half an hour. When I complete the meditation, I have a very clear sense that, throughout my day, I will be walking in the light of Reiki and am in complete alignment with my Divine Purpose in every moment. This creates a magnificent sense of inner peace that permeates my energy field, and helps me stay calm and centered. It is also fun to observe the effect our energy has in helping others experience the essence of peace. I hope you will try this technique.