Focus on Your Positive Self and Heal Your Whole Being

by William Lee Rand

Focus on Your Positive Self and Heal Your Whole BeingAs the effectiveness of Holy Fire Reiki continues to develop, we receive new insight into how it can help us. Because of this, we are learning how to live our lives more efficiently. The understanding of the value of focusing on the positive has been with us a long time.

Books such as The Power of Positive Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Thinking Every Day, Relentless Optimism, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, and even You Are a Badass, indicate the importance of this focus. These books explain and show the value of positive thinking and how powerful it can be in helping us live amazing lives. And while this concept is valuable, I’d like to present an enhancement of this idea that can be even more effective.

Most people will agree that we have positive qualities and negative qualities. And by negative qualities, I mean areas of ourselves that are in need of healing. Often, people make use of their positive qualities to deal with their negative qualities. And of course, this technique works and can help us move forward in the development of our lives. However, with the introduction of Holy Fire Reiki, we have an alternative approach that can work even better.

There are two parts to this process. In the first part, it is important to give ourselves Holy Fire Reiki every day, and while doing so, focus on sending Holy Fire Reiki only to our positive qualities. Then throughout the day, encourage Holy Fire Reiki to flow continuously and also continue to contemplate your positive self and send Holy Fire Reiki to it. As we do this, Holy Fire Reiki will nurture us and encourage the further development of our positive qualities; we will feel an uplifting flow of healthy, life-giving energy taking us straight up into a world of greater joy, love and happiness! Our positive qualities will be validated, strengthened and developed. These include traits such as patience, endurance, health and well-being, honesty with others as well as with ourselves, dependability, determination, courage, vision, clarity of mind and purpose. They also include belief in oneself, ambition, imagination, kindness, sympathy, loyalty, cooperation, independence, the ability to accomplish short and long-range goals, trust in the higher power and so forth.

Our positive qualities are part of who we really are; they make up our authentic-self, and it is appropriate and healthy to focus on them and dwell on their value and feel grateful that we have them.

On the other hand, our negative aspects are the result of injuries we have experienced. These injuries often go unhealed and can develop into personality traits that are detrimental to us. And in fact, because they are the result of an injury, they are not parts of ourselves! They are false images of who we really are. I do not want to create a list of these negative traits because I don’t want to direct your energy toward them; I believe, given the overview provided, you will have an understanding of to what I am referring. But overall, these negative parts are what hold you back from enjoying an even richer and more amazingly beautiful life than what you may already be experiencing.

One of the reasons not to focus on or even think about the negative parts of ourselves is because energy follows the mind and to think about them can give them energy, making them more difficult to heal and even make them worse. However, Holy Fire Reiki provides a solution.

Holy Fire Reiki is smart and aware of how the mind works. It will know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Because of this, not only will your positive qualities immediately become more powerful and effective, but the Holy Fire energy will also automatically begin healing your negative parts without you needing to think about them at all. Just focus on sending Holy Fire Reiki to your positive qualities and Holy Fire Reiki will heal your negative qualities at the same time! This strategy is an efficient system as focusing only on your positive qualities really improves their strength and effectiveness and allows you to be totally immersed in positive energy. This will make your life more enjoyable! And by not thinking about your negative parts, they cannot lower your vibration and you are not allowing them to feed off your energy. Instead, you allow Holy Fire Reiki to heal them independent of your conscious mind!

This process works so well that within a few days of starting it, you’ll begin to notice results. Difficulties will begin resolving themselves, you’ll experience a greater number of fortunate events taking place in your life, people will love and appreciate you more and you will be happy as you contemplate how wonderful it is to be alive.