Reiki and a Positive Mental Attitude II

by William Lee Rand

In this article I explain a simple technique that can transform your life! You will be surprised by the results following this simple exercise will produce for you. Not only will it improve how you feel about yourself and everything in your life, but it will also affect your attitude toward others as well as how people respond to you. You’ll feel happier, more up, lighter and more positive. It can even affect your physical body, taking away aches and pains and quickening the healing process. People will tend to have a more positive attitude toward you, will smile at you more frequently, have pleasant things to say to you and be more likely to agree with you and be supportive of you and your plans. In addition, “lucky” events will begin occurring for you more frequently that will often seem uncanny.

The mind is a powerful tool and if used wisely, can create a life of health, happiness and abundance, but if left to its own, usually creates mediocrity that can often slip into chaos and suffering.

It is what one does with one’s mind that determines what one is capable of accomplishing in life. As Edgar Cayce, the well known healer has said, “Mind is the Maker.” The mind is the most important resource we possess. In order to accomplish anything in life, we must take action and it is through the mind that we direct our actions. This includes directing our physical actions but the mind, often without our knowing also directs the subtle life energy that surrounds our actions. And it is how our minds affect our subtle life energies that have the greatest affect on the outcomes we produce. Our mental attitude sets the stage for our actions and affects all we do. When a positive mental attitude is combined with Reiki energy, truly amazing things can happen.

Affirmations are positive statements one says to one’s self in order to change ones state of mind and produce a positive result.

Cultivating a Positive Mental Attitude
Having a positive mental attitude as your foundation state is a key factor in being successful in life. Creating this foundation is like cultivating a garden by preparing the soil. With a positive mental foundation, anything you attempt to do will have a much greater likelihood of succeeding. Therefore, I suggest that you start your affirmation program with the following process. Please follow these steps now.

  • Activate your Reiki either by thinking of Reiki and placing your hands on your legs or by first drawing any Reiki symbols you may have on your hands before placing them on your legs. The mental/emotional symbol is especially important for this exercise. Intend that Reiki will flow throughout the entire time you are doing this exercise.
  • Feel the Reiki flowing and allow yourself to enter a calm, confident state of mind. Then state to yourself several times: “I am in a calm and confident state of mind.”
  • Then repeat this affirmation to yourself: “I always maintain a positive mental attitude.” Repeat this affirmation over and over for 5 minutes or longer. You are likely to find that the combination of repeating this positive affirmation along with giving yourself Reiki energy is so enjoyable that you’ll want to keep repeating it for a longer period of time.
  • As you repeat the affirmation, focus on the sound the words are making in your mind. As you do this you may find yourself repeating it more and more slowly and you may find your breathing starting to slow as well. If this begins to happen, allow it to do so. Or if not, simply continue to repeat the affirmation listening to the sound of the words.
  • After doing this for 5 minutes or so, notice how your mental attitude changes.
  • Repeat this process several times a day for three weeks. Then, based on your results, decided if you’d like to continue using it.
  • If you have any aches or pains or negative feelings, focus your attention on them while you repeat the affirmation and give yourself Reiki. You’ll find them fading away.
  • If an irritating or difficult situation arises in your life, take a moment to repeat this process, combining Reiki with the affirmation and focusing on the difficult situation. You’ll be amazed how quickly your state of mind changes.

Dealing With Specific Thoughts and Attitudes
As you cultivate a positive mental attitude, you will find your mind changing and shifting and reorganizing itself into a higher and more positive state. As this happens, it’s possible that thoughts will come welling up from within that oppose your new positive attitude. If this happens, simply continue with the above process and focus on the affirmation and the Reiki energy. Because you are using Reiki as you say your affirmation, the Reiki energy will deal with these negative thoughts and heal them. This will often involve a process of dissolving them at their source or reorganizing them in a healthy way.

This process will work with most negative thoughts and feelings that come up. However, as you continue the exercise after a few days or longer, it’s possible that you may encounter a negative thought or feeling that has more resistance to the healing process. One reason it may have more resistance is that in order to heal this particular negative thought or feeling, you many need to learn something important. If this is the case, follow these instructions:

  • Note what the negative thought is, what’s it about, how does it feel, where does it come from. Get to know it.
  • Ask to be shown what part of your energy field it is coming from. This could be a chakra, an area of the body, or a part of the aura.
  • If you have 2nd level Reiki, draw the power and the mental/emotional symbols on your hands. Then direct your hands toward the area the negative thought or feeling is originating from. If you don’t have 2nd level Reiki, simply direct your level 1 Reiki hands toward the area. Allow Reiki to flow. Reiki can also be directed to the area by placing your hands on your legs or other convenient part of your body and simply thinking of the area.
  • If you weren’t able to discover the area the negative thought or feeling is coming from, and you have 2nd level Reiki, activate the distant symbol along with the power and mental/emotional symbols and ask that Reiki guide itself to the origin of the negative thought or feeling. The distant symbol will act as a homing device and send Reiki to the origin without you needing to know where it is. However as you do this you may become aware of the origin. If you don’t have 2nd level Reiki and can’t locate the origin, simply continue without knowing the origin and the process will still work.
  • As Reiki is flowing, ask if there is a lesson to be learned from the issue or energy surrounding the negative thought or feeling. Think about any ideas that come into your mind and look for the lesson. Then allow it to be absorbed and accepted. The lesson could involve forgiving yourself or another, or changing a behavior or habit or something similar.
  • As you do this, and continue to channel Reiki energy, the negative thought will be dissolved, disempowered and released.
  • If this doesn’t happen easily, then think of the meaning of the negative thought or feeling and formulate an affirmation that embodies the opposite meaning in a positive statement. As an example, if the negative thought says “I do not deserve to be happy,” reverse this in an affirmation that states, “I deserve to be happy.”
  • Repeat the new positive affirmation over and over while directing Reiki to the issue.
  • If additional thoughts or feelings come up, steadily focus on your positive affirmation repeating it with conviction as you give yourself Reiki.
  • As you continue repeating your positive affirmation, the negative thoughts and feelings will begin to lose their strength and will dissipate.

This is a simple exercise that takes very little time and can be done just about anywhere. The payback from this exercise can be tremendous so I suggest you decide to do it and to begin right now!