Blessed By Spiritual Beings

by William Lee Rand

The awareness that spiritual beings can help with the healing process and aid in healing sessions is something that many healers have experienced. This is especially true in the practice of Reiki, but is also present in virtually all forms of healing. The well-known healer, Barbara Brennan in her book, Hands of Light mentions this and it is mentioned in many other healing books as well. Spiritual beings play an important role in most religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Shamanism to name a few where they are believed to bring help, healing, guidance and blessings of many kinds. The most immediate example of this is in Reiki healing sessions where many report an awareness of spiritual beings coming to help in the healing process. This awareness comes in many ways, but mainly by inner sense perception that usually includes an uplifting feeling and an increase in healing energy. Many clients have stated that during a session they felt an extra set of hands being placed on them, but when they looked, only the Reiki practitioner was present. Others have had visions and seen angels, spirit helpers, saints or other holy figures usually surrounded by a glorious light, sometimes with halos, and presenting gifts of healing or guidance.

Once while working on a client I had a profound experience with a spiritual being. The client, who I will call Joan, had a number of problems including stomach ulsers and back pain, but it was apparent that these were being caused at least in part by negative feelings and energies that were being projected to her by her parents. Joan had wanted to embark on a spiritual path and become a healer for a long time. This was an entirely new direction, and she thought it was right for her and was very excited about it. She had been attempting to get started with her plans, but was having a difficult time. Her parents, who were very controling, didn't believe in spiritual healing and had strong misgivings about her becoming involved in practices that seemed so strange to them. They were verbally and energetically trying to sabotage her. Because Joan felt she needed her parents support, she was allowing this to affect her. Whenever she saw them, they would argue with her about her decision to begin a healing practice and predicted disgrace and failure if she continued to pursue her plans and this left her in turmoil. She was slowly moving forward with her plans, but her health problems and the negative energy her parents were sending her made it very difficult.

We had several Reiki sessions, which helped her relax and focus in a more positive way on her goal, and she felt things were getting better. Then during the third session something amazing happened. I started the session by drawing several Reiki symbols and also saying a prayer asking for help from the Higher power. I asked Joan to pray with me and during the prayer, she surrendered to the will of the Higher power. She simply stated that if she was not meant to be a healer like her parents were saying, and this was within the will of the Higher power, then she would accept this completely or any path that the Higher power decided was right for her. As she was praying, I sensed that her heart had opened.

Then after I started the session and was giving Reiki and meditating on the energy, I felt something-powerful taking place over head. At the same time, my inner vision seemed to get much clearer and I inwardly looked up. I saw a being of light descending down into the room and into our energy fields. I immediately recognized this as Saint Peter, even though I had not had any conscious contact with him before and had never thought of him as one of my spiritual helpers. He had a radiant halo of bluish white light around his head, which was very piercing and had a feeling of perfect freedom. There was also a very strong experience of kindness and compassion and a feeling that he was smiling toward us and especially toward Joan. Also around him were other spiritual beings that seemed to be both helpers and students.

In that moment, I felt both Joan and myself had been lifted up and a tremendous feeling of peace and happiness surrounded us. I saw all the negative feelings and habits that were part of Joan's experience with her parents in the form of an old book that was being thrown into a fire and burning up. The joy and feeling of love was so great that tears came to my eyes and I knew that we both were being blessed by a miracle. We stayed in that space a while and at the end of the session Joan said the pain in her stomach and back was gone and that she felt completely different about the situation. She said she felt like a cleansing process had taken place and something big had released itself from her. And while she felt weak from the experience, she also felt free and peaceful.

Joan called me a few days later to tell me that she had visited with her parents and they seemed changed also. They didn't argue with her about her plans to be a healer and there was a positive feeling between her and them. Joan found it much easier to proceed with her plans after this and today is happily involved with her Reiki practice and has also begun to teach.

I believe this experience was able to happen in part because of the meditation I was doing on accepting help from higher beings and also because Joan had set her ego aside and was willing to accept whatever was right for her.

Experiences like this can become more frequent and powerful when we consciously take the time to develop our connection to higher spiritual beings. There are many exercised that help with this process, including meditation, prayer, and of course the use of Reiki.

Reiki can by used to develop and strengthen your connection to spiritual beings. This can be a very positive and helpful experience especially when you choose an enlightened being or work directly with God. In fact, for the most part, I suggest when using the following technique, you focus on only connecting with enlightened beings or with God as this level of beings are the most trustworthy and can provide the greatest help. By enlightened beings, I'm referring to those who are one with God, free of all ego and filled with compassion and wisdom. These include Quan Yin, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, the Archangels, etc. Also, when I refer to God, I am not referring to a male or female God, but to the One Supreme Being who is beyond male/female, yin/yang etc. If you are the member of a religion, I suggest you use this technique to connect more strongly to the spiritual being who is the founder of your religion or to the spiritual messengers and helpers that are part of your religious system. If your are not spiritual or religious and feel uncomfortable about working with any of the above, I suggest you use this technique to attune to that part of your own being that guides the beating of your heart and is te motivating force behind your healing process.

God as well as all enlightened beings are continually sending out powerful healing energies that can greatly benefit us. In fact, it is their intention that we be completely healed and become enlightened also. They are present now and are available to anyone who lifts their mind and heart toward them. The reason many do not feel these energies and do not seem to benefit from them is that they have not taken the time to attune to them. In order to receive the greatest benefit, adjustments need to be made in your mind and energy field that in effect open a door that will allow their energies to be received by you in a more powerful way.

These special spiritual beings can help you heal in many wonderful ways. They can quicken your healing process, provide guidance, and also improve your abilities as a healer. They can join with you when you give Reiki treatments and increase the benefit you provide to your clients by adding their special Reiki healing frequencies to yours. They can also help you when you teach Reiki classes and give attunements.

Here is a simple, yet powerful technique that can be done as a meditation. First decide which spiritual being you would like to work with. Choose one you are familiar with or feel guided to work with. If you are unfamiliar with enlightened beings, I suggest doing some reading about any of those mentioned above or any others you discover in your research. If you have any trouble deciding, I suggest you simply choose to work directly with God.

Once you have a spiritual being in mind, sit in a quiet place and say a prayer to the being asking to be more strongly connected and to receive their blessings. The use of a picture of the being can be helpful also. Then draw out the Reiki distant symbol along with any other symbols you are guided to use such as the master symbol and begin sending Reiki to the being. As you do so, continue to pray asking that your connection become stronger and stronger and state to the being that you accept their blessings now. As you send Reiki, ask that you will be deeply healed. You can also pray for guidance for any project or issue you need help with, ask that your skill as a healer be improved and that your Reiki healing energies become more effective. You can also say prayers for others.

By sending Reiki in this way, you form a special connection with the higher being that allows them to send help to you more easily and in refined and powerful ways. By doing this meditation everyday, you will be amazed by the results and by the experiences you will have. It is possible to be taken up into higher states of consciousness, to have visions, receive healings and be given special blessings and help on your spiritual path. I highly recommend that if you are at all interested in this meditation, that you decide to do it everyday as the results are cumulative and get stronger as you continue with regular use. In fact, I suggest you go ahead and try it right now!

May you be deeply blessed by the love that dwells in the heart of every person.

This is one of the articles from the Fall 2002 issue of Reiki News Magazine