Reiki and Light Bulbs?

by Craig Oberting, Reiki Master

When I attended my first Reiki weekend, I arrived with no expectations. I had read a few books about Reiki, but until I had the opportunity to experience it for myself I was keeping an open mind and wanted to experience all that Reiki had to offer. After receiving my Reiki I attunement my Reiki Master began passing out a sheet of paper titled, “The Twenty-One Day Clearing Process”. Up until that point I had never heard of a clearing process. The explanation made perfect sense. As your physical body adjusts to the Reiki energy’s higher vibration, blockages would clear and situations would surface so you could heal and move on to create a clearer instrument for the Reiki Energy to flow through. 

For three weeks I experienced an entire range of emotions. I worked through the headaches, stiff neck, and discomfort.  At the end of the three weeks I noticed one strange thing, I had changed 8 light bulbs in 3 weeks. Once the clearing process was over, the light bulbs stopped going out. One or two could be dismissed as coincidence, but 8 were a bit much. 

Six months later my Reiki Master returned to teach and attune ART and Master level Reiki. It was a wonderful experience and really opened my eyes to the path I was on and the direction I was heading. As the weekend came to a close a question of the clearing process came up. In the back of my mind I saw many trips to the home improvement store, buying bulbs in bulk!

This of course would prove the perfect test. No bulbs had blown out since the last clearing. This time it was so much more. Not only were the bulbs blowing out in my house, they were going out everywhere. I saw bulbs go out at work, in stores, even at a restaurant. My aura was now super charged and only the strongest light bulbs would survive. It usually occurred when I stretched, yawned, or experienced a good laugh. Any bulb I was under would just pop. Fortunately, this only lasted for the first month, and life returned to normal. 

As I reflect and try to shed light on this situation I keep hearing that it’s all energy. Our physical world we live in is nothing but energy. As we receive a Reiki attunement, our vibrations increase bringing us closer to the light. Of course this is a big change for our physical bodies and the clearing process is the adjustment period. As we adjust the energy rises and falls, until it finally seats at the perfect level for us. It’s my belief that when I experienced a rise in the energy, it was just a little too much for the light bulbs to bear. Of course it could have been my guides telling me it’s time to go to sleep. You be the judge.