Waterfalls, Rainbows and Reiki in Hana

By Colleen Benelli

Hana Reiki Center

Hana Sunset

Hana, Hawaii is a land of rainbows, palms, oceans and whales, and beautiful sunrises. The week we were there was stormy and wild. I loved the wind and the sun shining through the warm rain, casting rainbows all around us. Reiki is awake there. The land speaks of beauty and peace. It captured my attention and let my mind rest and receive the power of the beauty.

First Hana Class Group

It brought me healing in ways that I didn’t realize were happening at the time. It was so gentle and loving. I came home refreshed, enthused and ready to expand my relationship with Reiki.

Hana Class Group

Six of the International Center for Reiki Training’s (ICRT) Professional Licensed Teachers went on a Reiki retreat in Hana to William Rand’s home and Reiki center. We didn’t set an agenda; we just wanted to spend time with each other and Reiki and to enjoy Hana. We came from around the United States: New York, Oregon, South Carolina and Kansas. It was fun to share as Reiki colleagues and get to know each other better as friends too. We invited Reiki as we arrived at William’s and created a circle of blessings that included each of us.

We had lots to talk about and exchanged ideas about how we teach and practice Reiki.

Group fun at Hana Reiki Center

We did a lot of Reiki in motion and could feel spirit with us as we played, hiked, explored, had adventures, ate good food, danced and did all the things that make up a fun vacation.

William has spent a lot of years in Hawaii and knows a lot of cool spots to see and explore. We swam in the stormy ocean, jumped off rocks into the Venus Pool, hiked in the rain, climbed fences, climbed trees, sat on the lava rocks next to the crashing waves, got wet, hiked through mud and laughed a lot. We sent Reiki to each other as we hiked and sent it to the nature around us. I loved how Karen could feel the Reiki I was sending her during our hikes. She would turn around, ask if I was sending Reiki and then laugh. She always asked right when I was sending and knew where I was sending it. It was fun doing Reiki while we played. It is nice to be spontaneous with Reiki and then experience how it responds.

River crossingRiver crossing

Because of the rain, the water in the streams was wild on the way to the waterfalls. We saw lots of danger signs along the way and we beamed Reiki at William when he hiked past the danger signs! We were sure he has lots of Reiki and angels surrounding him at all times keeping him safe.

As Robin said, “I enjoyed the team building aspect of our Reiki Adventures (Reiki Boot Camp as Karen called it!), graciously guided by William.  No stream that had overflowed onto the path was too swift to cross with William at hand!”



We hiked through the streams and stood near the waterfalls. I could feel the power of the water washing over me, cleansing me, and I let go of many things that have burdened and limited me. I received the rushing power of the waterfall and it left me exhilarated. It was fun to invite Reiki through the beauty of Hana and to work with the water. The water speaks and it is easy to hear there.

Carolyn spoke about our hike through the bamboo forest and how William’s story about the forest connected her roots to all things. She said, “One of the highlights for me was the hike through the bamboo forest. William told us that all the trees share the same root system, so actually the entire forest is considered the same tree.

Knarly treeBamboo forest

The energy in the forest was amazing—clear and joyful. I felt the oneness of the trees and knew I was a part of it. I could simply breathe it in. Actually, it is a wonderful symbol of our entire week. The Reiki connection we all shared was deep on so many levels. Whether we were hiking, sharing a meal, working through a meeting, helping one another cross a raging stream, in meditation—in everything we did there was a deep sense of connection, and the Reiki was palpable. We all have completely different lives and personalities, yet we all share the same roots through Reiki. Through Reiki we are aware that we are all part of THE ONE.


One day a rainbow followed us all day long. As we drove along the coast the rainbow was behind us. We kept stopping to take pictures thinking that we needed to catch the rainbow before it went away. Then we stopped and played with the rainbow, laughed a lot and sent it Reiki. The rainbow sent the Reiki across the colors to all the life that received it.


The rainbow framed the land for hours and I felt the power of beauty awaken the awe in my heart. It was a powerful healing that I received. I have been missing the feeling of awe I used to have—those extraordinary moments of beauty that fill your heart with the love of life. Those feelings have been depleted in me in the last several years because of the daily challenges I was navigating through. I was caretaking in very intense ways. I found much inner strength, but my interest in stopping and noticing the beauty around me had diminished. This is unusual for me and noticeable, so I have been asking Reiki to heal me and bring my awe back. It was an intention I set for my week at our Reiki retreat in Hana.

Reiki and the colors of the rainbows returned my colors to me and filled my life force and body with rainbow light. It lightened my heart and mind. I take many moments to notice beauty around me now. I have sometimes felt so much awe in my heart that I couldn’t always contain it. It is a little wild right now, and I have it for everything. I am in awe of nature, spring is in vibrant color and the trees are in full bloom. I am also just as in awe of human innovations. I just bought a new recorder that will let me do Reiki podcasts and my heart is almost dazzled by the possibilities of creating Reiki community through the Internet. I am even having fun with my Facebook page, which I have struggled to like doing. We have lots of rainbows here in Portland too and the healing and empowerment I received in Hana are both flourishing. 


My awe is back and I am so grateful! I know it will continue to grow, as I am able to hold it. As W.B. Yeats says, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” I love to take the time to be in awe of my life. I have missed the deep connection and appreciation to the extraordinary world around me. It is so good to have it back. I am grateful for Reiki in waking up the colors within me so that I can see them outside of me.

Banyan tree

The banyan tree at the Seven Sacred Pools is a delight to the heart! The tree invited us to play and hang out on her. We found that we just wanted to put our hands on this amazing tree and to touch it. We gave it Reiki and we received still, calm life force energy in return. We could just imagine how many people have stopped and rested in this magnificent tree.

Banyan tree

We had some great discussions about Reiki at night. The group of colleagues that were at the retreat had an incredible amount of knowledge. We shared ideas, experiences and methods of teaching and practicing Reiki. We saw the personal growth in each other. We took the opportunity to ask William lots of questions about Reiki and his journey with it. Colleagues became friends. We brainstormed about ways to help our Reiki students even more. How the ICRT and team of LRMT ’s (ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers) could provide support and resources for our students.

All of us have been teaching Reiki professionally for years. We talked about the questions our students ask and what their needs are as they learn Reiki. Most of our students want to know how to use Reiki for personal growth and some also want to know how to use Reiki for their professional development. We are all advocates for Reiki and each of us has the intention of making Reiki more available in the world. We want to see people have great success with Reiki and so we talked about additions to our Reiki training and how we as Reiki teachers can share our expertise. We decided on some action plans that will benefit our students and their understanding of Reiki that we hope to make available this year.

Moonlight silhouette

We sent Reiki to the full moon over the ocean. Silvia took a picture of us with our hands outstretched giving and receiving from the light of the moon. I sent love to my husband, family and friends as the moonlight flowed through me. I sent distance Reiki to all the people on my prayer list, my clients and to the World Peace Grids. One of the Peace Grids hangs over the fireplace at the Hana Retreat Center; it is a power spot in the peace grid over the world. I felt like the light of the moon filled me and filled them in a large circle of light expanding around the planet. We all look up and see the same moon, and it reminded me that my spirit can find the spirit of my loved ones in the moonlight any where and any time.

William did a guided meditation and channeled Jesus one day. He said that his Karuna Reiki® energy had been upgraded to a higher frequency and he wanted to share it with us. After Williams’s meditation, I saw a broad beam of light flowing into his crown chakra. He said he felt strange and wasn’t sure what the feeling was. My work is very clairvoyant and I heard Reiki say that he was receiving an even greater level of Reiki energy that will be passed from him through his attunements. It would affect Reiki in the world, and the level of Reiki energy through all of us would increase along with his.

Karen said, “Spending time with the other LRMT teachers and William at his beautiful home in Hana was the highlight of the trip for me. The LRMT teachers are such an awesome group of healers! We talked about Reiki, shared Reiki, had Reiki adventures in incredible beauty, and received a very powerful meditation from William that shifted my vibration to the next level.”

Reiki is always ready to assist us, but it has to wait until we are ready for it. It will always work with us according to our ability to receive and hold its power. It knows when we are ready for more by our intentions, actions, and when we ask.

Reiki friends

Because the land is so receptive in Hana, the time there created openness within me to receive even stronger Reiki. After Williams’s meditation, I was energized and felt like my body and life force were revitalized with new excitement.

Many people travel to William Rand’s Reiki center and home in Hana to learn about Reiki in part because the Reiki in the land is very palpable. Mrs. Takata brought Reiki to the West through the Hawaiian Islands. Reiki is awake there. Just being in Hana provides the feeling of rest and stress reduction and the love that Reiki provides.

Reiki love

Reiki continually amazes me with its results. It inspires me to create more opportunities for its expansion on the planet. My personal goal is to help Reiki become a mainstream profession so that children can grow up with Reiki as an option for their personal growth and profession if they choose. I am grateful to have such wonderful colleagues in my fellow LRMTs who also look for ways that we can be of service with Reiki, and ways we can provide resources about Reiki. We continue to support and create Reiki community in order to spread Reiki in the world. With this intention, I have provided wonderful photographs of the waterfalls, rainbows, ocean and land in Hana on my website, www.reikilifestyle.com. They are free to download and are copyright-free. You are welcome to use them for your own websites or brochures or in whatever way you like. There are some great pictures!

I often practice Reiki in motion in the same way we invited it in our retreat, on the move, doing whatever I am doing. I love that it adapts to my lifestyle, and I invite it to heal me and empower me while I am active and busy in my life. This work retreat felt like a vacation full of Reiki, healing and love.