Healing Fear

by William Lee Rand

Fear is rarely useful and the events of September 11 and those that have continued to unfold challenge us to remain centered in our hearts and continue to live our lives in a meaningful way.  Allowing ourselves to dwell on worrisome thoughts or to remain caught in the grip of fear prevents us from living our lives resourcefully, making it difficult to find the best solutions to our own issues.  Fear also weakens our ability to send positive thoughts, prayers and Reiki to those in need and to take effective action.

Because of this, it is important that we first focus on our internal state and be aware of any fear that may exist.  For some, the fear is obvious, but for many, there may be a low-grade fear that lingers in the background and mostly goes unrecognized. By first being aware of your fear, you will then be able to use your healing skills to release it.

There are many techniques one can use to release fear. This one makes use of two Reiki II symbols.  First take a moment to do some introspection and become more aware of your internal state.  Look for any fear(s) that may exist and see if you can localize this energy to any one part of your body or energy field.  Then draw the emotional/mental symbol on your hands, followed by the power symbol and treat the area you have discovered.  At the same time, repeat a positive affirmation.  Use ones like this or create your own:  “I release all fear into the light and it is gone forever.”  Or, “I am always centered in the light and completely let go of all fear now.”

As you do this, you may notice your attention changing from events taking place now to things that have happened in the past.  This is an opportunity to heal more deeply and to release those deeper fears as well.  Just continue with the process as these deeper fears come up.  By doing this, you will be transforming a challenging situation into a positive healing experience. Do this as often as needed.  This technique can also be used to treat others. 

By remaining centered in positive thoughts and feelings and allowing yourself to feel joy and peace, you will be helping those around you and be in a better place to send healing for others and for the planet. Remember, you are powerful, you are strong and you are centered in the light!