Reiki for Your New Life

by William Lee Rand

Reiki is an amazing energy that contains higher levels of consciousness. The higher consciousness within Reiki is aware of the energetic situation within and around the person(s) it works with and uses this information to create a healing experience that is exactly right for those it treats. This is why Reiki doesn’t need to be guided by the practitioner, but guides itself. Qualities of love, wisdom, patience, peace, joy, confidence and nurturing along with many other healthy states are part of this process. Reiki is able to identify those areas in need of healing and infusing them with these higher qualities, thus displacing all forms of negativity and leaving the person in a state of wholeness and well being. This is how Reiki heals; by improving the various states of consciousness within the body, mind and spirit.

The quality of one’s consciousness is important. Think about the difference between those who have created unhealthy, unhappy, unproductive lives and those who live in lives of joy, peace and abundance. The main core difference between them is their state of consciousness. It is your state of consciousness that is manifesting your life. In fact, there is new scientific evidence that shows that consciousness is what is creating everything that exists!

There is a saying in the metaphysical community that everything is energy. Yet, from a scientific standpoint this isn't correct. Matter is also part of the universe and matter and energy are two different things; while one can be converted into the other they each obey different laws. Matter has mass and creates gravity. It can never travel at the speed of light. Energy such as light has no mass, doesn’t create gravity and can only travel at the speed of light.

Think about sunlight. It is the source of energy for all living things on earth. Through photosynthesis, plants grow and create food for other plants when they die and also provide food for animals including humans. Sunlight also keeps the temperature of our planet within a habitable range and provides light for us to see. Yet when we look at the source of sunlight, we discover it comes from matter. The sun generates sunlight by converting matter into energy at the rate of 750 million tons of matter every second. At the same time, in particle accelerators, scientists use energy to create matter. So we can see that matter and energy can be converted back and forth, yet neither is the ultimate source of the other.

If matter and energy and the forces that govern them exist and make up a major part of the universe, where did they come from; there must be something else that created them? In an interview Finding the Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time with Stuart Hameroff, M.D., in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of EnlightenNext magazine, a clear and cogent description of the source of matter and energy based on quantum physics is explained. The idea which is also supported by many well known physicists including Roger Penrose is that matter and energy come from consciousness. In this interview, Hameroff explains that “the precursors of consciousness are fundamental and built into the universe at what is known as the Planck scale, which is the tiniest, most primordial level of quantum spacetime.” He explains that quantum particles when in superposition can be in more than one place at a time, but when this superposition collapses into a single position, a wave of consciousness is released. This process is taking place within microtubules that are within the neurons of the brain and according to Hameroff this is what creates our individual consciousness. He goes on to explain that consciousness isn't created by matter or energy, but that it is consciousness that is creating matter and energy. It was out of consciousness that the big bang erupted to begin our universe. Consciousness is an integral part of everything and in addition, all consciousness is connected. These are profound ideas and significant in that they indicate a connection between physics and metaphysics. They show that it is consciousness that is the creator of everything.

This validates the idea that consciousness can exist independently from matter and energy which is a premise of Reiki as Reiki is said to be higher consciousness guiding life energy. It is also important to note that the translation of the Japanese kanji that make up the Reiki distant symbol means “the origin of all is pure consciousness.” And so in this we see scientific thinking validating important Reiki concepts. This fulfills something said by Usui Sensei in the Reiki Ryoho Hikkei when he stated, “ Scientists and intellectuals have been eagerly researching and consider it difficult to confirm [Reiki] with modern science, yet the time will surely come when science can prove it.”

If consciousness is the creator, then it follows that the quality of our consciousness is what determines the quality of our lives. If we want to live a more meaningful life and experience a greater level of fulfillment, then it is important that we focus on improving the quality of our consciousness.

In fact, this is one of the deeper and more meaningful uses of Reiki. We can use Reiki to guide the healing of not only individual conditions or illnesses or situations, but we can use it to heal the quality of our lives! Reiki can be used to help us rise up out of a desperate, difficult or mediocre life and into a life that is balanced and contains abundant health, enjoyment and freedom. By allowing the higher levels of consciousness that are available from Reiki to heal our consciousness the quality of life we manifest will improve! There is no limit to the extent this can take place. Here’s a Reiki exercise that will create an uplifting effect on you feel as well as on what you manifest in your life.

Reiki Consciousness Raising Exercise

  • Sit in a comfortable place where you'll be able to do this exercise for 15 minutes or so.
  • Draw the distant symbol, power symbol, mental/emotional symbol and master symbol on your hands. (you could use no symbols or other symbols if you're guided to do so) Then place your hands about 6” away from either side of your head. It can help to be lying down or have pillows or other props to rest your arms and hands on.
  • Allow Reiki to start flowing and be aware of how the space feels between your hands and your head. Do this for 5 minutes or so.
  • Then begin repeating this affirmation or similar one: I allow Reiki to heal my consciousness so that I manifest a higher quality life. Repeat this affirmation for another 5 minutes either to yourself or out loud.
  • Then continue to send Reiki with your hands in this position for an additional 5 minutes.
  • If you are guided to move your hands to other places in your aura or on your body while doing this exercise go ahead and follow your guidance, but come back to the head area for the final 5 minutes of the exercise.
  • Do this exercise once or twice each day for at least 3 weeks.
  • During this period notice if you feel more uplifted during the day or if you seem to be handling situations in a more effective and emotionally satisfying way or if there are other improvements in how you manifest your life and how you experience it.
  • After 3 weeks, if you find your life has improved, continue doing this exercise and your life will continue to improve.
  • It’s also possible that issues will come up to be healed that could feel unpleasant. Just remember that this is part of the healing and that these issues are coming up to be released. Give yourself extra Reiki and follow your guidance. When they release the quality of your life will improve even more.

Life is worth living and worth living well. Reiki can be of tremendous help in this respect and you'll find it amazing how spending such a small amount of time doing this exercise can create such a meaningful improvement in your life.