Reiki in a Down Economy

by Heidi Mentink

Today's economy has impacted many people's lives. Obstacles and challenges can often become blessings in disguise. Facing difficulties can bring about new opportunities, new experiences and the ability to see things from an entirely different perspective. I am no stranger to falling on hard times. But I have hope and Reiki to thank for getting me through tough challenges. I wanted to share my experiences with others who are having difficulties and help them understand and believe that healing is always taking place. There is always help available to those who are in a difficult situation.

In 2008, stress was starting to take a toll on me, and I was having difficulty sleeping at night. I couldn't rest and knew I needed an outlet for reducing this stress. I looked into Reiki training and thought it would help. The very first weekend in January 2009, I attended a Reiki Levels I & II class, not knowing what an impact it would have in my life. Unknowingly, Reiki came into my life when I needed it most.

Immediately following that Reiki class, my life dramatically changed. On January 7, 2009, my husband lost his job and health insurance. His parents also announced they were getting a divorce after 35 years of marriage. His father left and was no longer in any of the family members’ lives. I used Reiki on my husband to help heal his emotional stress. I sent distant Reiki daily to my mother-in-law and the divorce process. Reiki helped my husband to relax and to think clearly about his future plans. Reiki helped my mother-in-law express and release her emotions in a healthy manner. My husband started to work on his own, as a licensed carpenter. During this transition we had to file bankruptcy. Reiki played another important role, by helping us see things in a different way. I started to experience inner healing taking place within my body; I felt that I was shedding old skin and taking responsibility for the things I once didn't understand.

In 2010, we experienced the death of a very dear friend. Then shortly after that came the death of my grandmother and a few months later, the discovery that our cat (our furry child) of eleven years had bone cancer in her jaw. The day we found out our cat had an untreatable tumor, I began to give her Reiki every day. Our cat loved Reiki and would lie on my lap for hours at a time to receive it. She would become so relaxed and was able to sleep more soundly. Her energy level increased and she began to play again. Reiki helped to extend her quality of life for three months. Instead of holding in my feelings, Reiki helped me to release deep emotions that I experienced after losing loved ones in my life that year.

I continued to study Reiki and was fortunate enough to have an amazing teacher who took me under her wing and attuned me to the Master/Teacher level over a period of time. During challenging times, I would do Reiki on myself and Reiki exchanges with other practitioners. Reiki helped calm my mind and release my emotions in a healthy way. It brought out a passion in me to help others during these challenging times that my husband and I were facing. I volunteered to give Reiki at a cancer center over a two and a half year course of time. This experience produced incredible healing not only for the cancer patients, but for me as well.

Reiki has helped me see all the positive things in my life and has helped heal emotional wounds that I had buried for so many years. In doing so, it has opened a door that has led me on an amazing healing journey. If I had not known about Reiki, I would absolutely be in a different state of mind today. Because of Reiki, I continue to peel away old layers of emotional and mental stress. This has helped me to see things in a new light. I have released the old and am able to let the new in.

Using distant Reiki in our challenges has also brought extraordinary healing into our lives as a couple. My husband and I now live in a beautiful home that was leased to us by a wonderful new friend. We have met so many spiritual and healing people along this journey who have created warmth in our lives. We have learned how to create and manage a healthy financial life, realizing the mistakes we made in the past. Reiki has peeled back old emotional wounds and helped us to forgive and to love ourselves, instead of blaming or feeling shame. Today, I am very grateful for all of life's experiences.

Reiki also helped me to peel back a layer deep within the core of my soul. I now understand that being rich is not about money or financial and material gain. Reiki helped me understand that I already have all the riches in the world: my loving spouse and pet, good health, wonderful friends, food, water, clothes and shelter. Reiki has helped me open my heart, to have even more compassion for others, and it has brought out a passion in me for wanting to help others in their lives. Reiki blessed my life, and I am forever grateful.

This article appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of Reiki News Magazine.