Basics of Reiki-Chakra Work

by Walter Lübeck

Whenever you find a symptom related to the functioning of a main chakra as described below, you should treat this chakra as a special position. This means you would treat it in addition, for at least ten minutes, to the whole-body treatment. You may use the power symbol to increase the flow of the spiritual life energy (Reiki) and the mental healing symbol for harmonizing and developing the belief patterns of that energy organ.

To treat a chakra you should not place your hand on the body, because Reiki is always pulled in by the body and so a lot of the healing energy will not reach the chakra. By placing your hand at a distance of about ten to fifteen centimeters (four to six inches) above the front side of the body you will direct most of the Reiki to the chakra. The seventh chakra should be treated the same way but above the top of the head. The first chakra should be treated the same way, but from below.

Often, problems with a chakra are related to a block between itself and the spiritual energy channels of the spine. Therefore, it is helpful to treat a chakra from the front side and at the point on the spine where it connects to the other chakras through the spinal energy channels. To treat the back of a main chakra most effectively try each of two ways and then use the one which is most effective: give Reiki either with two or three fingers directly to the spine, or using the whole flat hand above the spine without touching the body.

Before you start to treat, rub your palms together until you feel that they are energized. Now direct your palms to the main chakra which you would like to treat from front and back. Move your hands a little bit up and down until a clear sensation of the emanation of the energy organ occurs. Many healers find it easier to develop good contact to a client's chakra by guiding their breath to their own hara region, which is situated about two fingerbreadths below the navel. Always move your hands a little bit to create maximum Reiki emanation to the chakra.

The Functions of Each Chakra

First chakra. Survival; fighting or running away; bones; being grounded; the spiritual element earth; vitality; the adrenal glands; basic sexual energy; the will to live.

Second chakra. Being happy with the body; erotic sexuality; the spiritual element water; flexibility; playing; the kidneys. Enjoying relationships based on any kind of bodily pleasure; taking in nutritional substances from the bowels into the metabolism and integrating them into the metabolism. Allergies, migraine, PMS, the skin. The urogenital system. The lymphatic system; resonance to the emotions and feelings of others.

Third chakra. Management; power, fears; the nervous system; digestion; the spiritual element of fire; to be able to say No! Analyzing, individuality, systematical and practical thinking. Liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach; the stability and flexibility of the blood vessels.

Fourth chakra. Love; close social environment like friends and family; the energetic element air; tolerance; to be able to say Yes! The heart; higher emotions; taking care of others and oneself; the want for and the ability to have stable and fulfilling social relationships; resonance to the needs of others.

Fifth chakra. Communication on all levels; psychic abilities; artistic talents; speech; the spiritual element ether; the lungs; the developed individual personality; charisma; expressing to others what is going on inside the mind; the thyroid glands.

Sixth chakra. Spiritual vision; combining the functions of all parts of our being in a constructive and harmonious way with each other (organs, cells, etc.) and with outside situations and beings; intuition; finding the spiritual path; sensible handling of actions, thoughts and emotions; spiritual vision; wanting to do something sensible for mankind.

Seventh chakra. Being ONE; being in complete resonance to every part of the whole universe. In daily life, a natural desire to develop and practice spirituality, to pray, to meditate and to connect to the Creator.

This is just part of the article which appears in the Winter 2002 issue of Reiki News Magazine.