Releasing Expectations

by Mari Hall

Sometimes we expect Reiki to give us a certain outcome. The clients we work with must feel something; have a cathartic experience or a BIG release, so that they are free of pain and healed. Expectation is a nice way of saying we are being demanding.

We must learn to be compassionately detached with no expectation or demand that the energy do anything. We know in our innermost being that Reiki is working for the client’s highest and greatest good, as well as for ours. We step back (i.e., get our ego out of the way) and let the energy work. This can be harder to achieve when we are working with family members, and we want so badly for them to be well. If this is the case, it may be best to refer the family member to another Reiki practitioner who is not emotionally involved. 

When practitioners ask me why they sometimes feel tired or unwell after giving a Reiki treatment, one of the questions I ask is: “How much of your ego was present in the treatment at that time?” Usually the answer is: “But, I wanted them to feel better” or “I knew I could heal them.” 

We must be diligent when treating with Reiki to remember that we are only the instruments through which the energy passes. It is our duty to be the best instruments possible, but we do nothing but witness the client’s miracles. The person who receives the energy is using it; they are healing themselves. Have you heard the saying “Let go and let God”? This is the same…Let go and let Reiki. I believe that Reiki is God’s unconditional love, light and grace. It is a privilege to have this special relationship with Reiki.

This article appeared in the Summer 2007 edition of Reiki News Magazine.