Reiki and Past Lives

by Sheree Mylo Becker

The ancient art of Reiki is growing more popular as people seek ways to improve the quality of their lives. Reiki can be used to clear away or lighten emotional baggage accumulated during life's journey, and the energy opens the door to one's innate wisdom and self-transformation. I feel a great respect for all people when using Reiki - I feel like I can touch their soul. During each moment I channel the energy, I feel great gratitude for the opportunity to be a healing channel here on the earth plane.

Every day that passes sees more people coming to me for Reiki treatments and to learn how to channel Reiki. Sometimes people find their way to my door, not knowing why they are there. Usually, they need to feel the warmth of human touch. When their own inner wisdom awakens, they realize why they have come and a new pathway clears for them.

Once, a woman came to me because she could not conceive and wanted to know why. When I put my hands over her ovaries, a vision of a Native American woman came to my mind. She told me that everything was in working order with this woman and she should be able to conceive.

Then I saw a past-life vision in which the woman, a Native American, was handing her baby over to a white man, tears streaming down her face. There were others present forcing the woman to do this; she was helpless - she had to give up her baby.

I told my client what I saw and she immediately screamed, "I hate white men!" When she opened her eyes, she said she had always had that feeling (she is Caucasian in this lifetime). After some discussion, she realized she subconsciously had feared getting pregnant because her baby might be taken from her. Since her ovaries and uterus were fine, she was able to release the idea and look forward to pregnancy.

Another woman came to me for treatments on her lower back. She had damaged some vertebrae and was constant pain. During one session, after several weeks of treatments, I felt my hands begin moving by themselves. I felt the presence of Christ consciousness coming from behind me and I felt my own consciousness withdraw to my left shoulder, watching everything. I felt the weight of the white robes on my arms, and I knew this was some kind of divine intervention. My hands moved over her lower back area, staying for a few moments on the spot which caused the pain. There was a loud popping sound, then I felt the energy slowly drift away. I knew the healing was complete. I gently woke her up and told her what had happened. She said she had prayed earlier that morning to the Divine mother for healing. Her back was healed and she didn't need an operation.

On the rare occasions when a client sees the same vision I do, it's really special. There's a strong connection made in the ethers. One of my clients, receiving Reiki for the first time, was a little apprehensive, although eager. I noticed his breathing getting deeper at various times during the treatment.

After the session, he told me of his adventure. He saw me as a huge eagle, working on him. His Native American guide appeared to tell him everything was going to be all right. Because of some background noise outside my apartment, the eagle lifted the table above the noise and continued to work on him. He was fearful yet he just let it flow. He saw animals parading across his vision: an owl, an opossum, and a big bear. He told me that he felt like he had touched his own truths and opened up to his spirituality. He was also relieved of a great deal of physical pain, as he has had many broken bones. He was so thrilled by the experience, he signed up to become a Reiki Channel.

His vision was confirmation of a past-life regression I had experienced in Palm Springs, California, in 1987. When we were in an altered state and told to look at our feet, I saw claws. Scanning the rest of my body, I saw a huge eagle. In that lifetime, I was able to transform my shape from human to eagle. I thought it was weird at the time because other people were having "normal" regressions, like queens and kings, Indians, Vikings, and so on, while I was flying around as an eagle! This past-life regression was in synch with my Reiki Master telling me that I was a shapeshifter. I hadn't understood at the time, but after the regression it was instantly clear. Other past lives as a light being were verified through Reiki treatments when several people saw me as a body of light while I was channeling Reiki. There are two people I have worked on who have seen my spirit guide, an Eagle dancer.

When things are not going well in your life and the same patterns keep appearing, Reiki can loosen the emotional chains holding you back, after which they can be released so you can focus on your purpose here on Earth - what brings you joy, and how to attain your personal power and take charge of your life.

People who open up blockages and let the energy flow through may experience an intense rush. People touched by Reiki Universal Life Force energy strive for self-improvement and for the higher good of all concerned. People become more loving with each other. Sharing kindness from the heart is possibly the noblest thing a person can do. Have the courage to live your light!