A Horse Brought Reiki to My Life

by Joseph Smith

Reiki came to my life in a very strange way. Actually, a horse brought it to me. On a cold winter day in 1995 I realized that something was wrong. I had a strange feeling in my body. I also could feel that I didn’t have the strength to do as much work outside as usual. Usually every day I trained, groomed, and took care of my four horses from early morning until late evening. I didn’t want to see a doctor, as I didn’t have much confidence in doctors. On some days the strange sensations in my body were gone and my strength was back. I had been so sure that my old strength was back, but then I just collapsed of exhaustion. Now I knew the illness was back. I still refused to go to the doctor until the situation got much worse. Within days I was retaining so much water in my body that I couldn’t walk. I had suddenly become very swollen from water retention, and my legs didn’t obey me, either. My whole body was in pain, and I had trouble breathing.

Then I went to the doctor. The doctor sent me to the hospital where they medicated me heavily. I had an autoimmune disease, which means that my own body produces antibodies against my own organs like they were transplanted. The antibodies were attacking my thyroid gland and my adrenal glands. Adrenal glands produce Cortisol, and without Cortisol in your blood you die within thirty-six hours. When they got me stabilized I could go home. I had to take meds, which gave me a lot of side effects. This condition has no cure, and the meds make your life a living hell. I couldn’t work, sleep, or eat. This condition and the meds destroyed my life.

I had heard about Reiki three years before, when I still was living back home in Denmark. Here in Belgium nobody knew anything about Reiki. Then while I was so ill an Internet friend from New York sent me distance Reiki. It was like heavenly love and tranquility filled me from above. After this I was well for days. Then suddenly I received a fax from Slovenia from a friend of a friend. The fax said: find a Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master in Belgium who can help you. I began my search for Reiki, but I couldn’t find any Reiki people in Belgium at all.

Several months after, I suddenly noticed there was a loose horse galloping on the road. I didn’t know whose horse it was. Suddenly the horse stopped at my front door instead of galloping further down the road. He really stopped like somebody had pulled the hand brake! I went out and caught the horse and put him in my paddock. A minute later, a man came running. This man told me that he was a neighbor to the big farm in Wépion where the horse came from. He had seen him jump the fence and head to the main road. The man had followed the horse and had tried to catch him. The horse had galloped at least three to four kilometers and passed several fields with other horses. At one point the horse had been in between cars in traffic, but nobody could catch him. He had taken several left and right turns like he knew where he was going. I found it odd that he suddenly stopped at my door and that he let me catch him. I remember thinking that this was very strange behavior for a horse. The horse wasn’t spooked at all. He just had been very determined to reach me for some reason.

I understood everything when I found out that they regularly taught Reiki at the farm where the horse was from. Wow!!!! I have always said that animals are more close to the source than we are. And this horse really came to tell me that my long search for a Reiki teacher was over and that I could learn Reiki on his owner’s farm. I joined the Reiki I class right away. Then six months after, I followed the Reiki II training. Then my life began to change. I also felt much better physically and could lower the meds. I healed my issues one after another with distant Reiki. I also did the same for one life lesson after another as they presented themselves to me. I practiced Reiki for hours every day.

Then one day I registered for William Lee Rand’s Reiki Master class in Glastonbury. This course really was one of the highlights of my life. I received my Master attunement inside the stone ring of Stonehenge. During the attunement both sun and moon came up at the same time. Also many of us had sensed and seen the angels holding the space during the attunement. After the course I had a constant feeling like somebody was sending Reiki to me. I really felt like I was high on Reiki for months. A year after, I took William’s Karuna Reiki class. This class was also a wonderful experience! Karuna felt different than Usui Reiki, but I could feel it opening my heart more and more for unconditional love. This was exactly what I needed. Today I have been free of cortisone meds for two years. — Belgium.