Unified Reiki Prayer Field For Peace

by Eyona Cvitan

Gently rocking in the vastness of space, at perfect peace, my inner gaze rests upon a beautiful, shimmering speckle of blue and white swirls.

Attention captivated, my heart bursts awake with a stream of light, expanding into a dimension of everflowing brilliance. This is the gateway... this is the source. My form fades and dissipates; awareness centers within the point of transition from one universe into another. A beautiful, blue planet cradled in my heart... and everything is flooded with Love.

This is the place of non doing; of letting go and allowing; of remembering to be grateful for the opportunity to know myself in indistinguishable oneness of receiver, giver, portal, and source.

This is the oneness we all enter into when we allow ourselves to become a Reiki bridge between Source and its Expression. There is nothing to do. There is only a state of being; a state of allowing our highest self awareness to merge with the expression of the Reiki energy within us.

When we are in this state, all differences and all judgements dissipate. As we allow Reiki to flow through us, a harmonization takes place. All sense of separateness dissolves into a feeling of being embraced and much more fully connected to All that is.

Every time we use Reiki, we nurture this sense in ourselves, and we help seed and nurture it in, and for, all others.

The evolution of our planet is determined by the global energy field generated through our individual beliefs and our collective awareness. When we send healing energy to the planet, we help raise the vibration of the collective energy field that we all are. The more we do this, and the more of us contribute and invest in our planet's future, the greater the quickening that Planet Earth can experience, and, in turn, the easier it becomes for every one of us, individually, to hold a higher vibration within our own personal energy field.

May we all be joined in a fully realized, unified prayer field for peace on Planet Earth, now.

See you there!