Reiki, Medicine, Miracles & Magnified Healing

by Laurelle Gaia

I recently had an opportunity to teach Reiki in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I was blessed by my hosts, Liz and Jean when they shared a healing technique with me known as Magnified Healing®.

One of the techniques in this system is for organ regeneration. This was of particular interest to me because I have been working with a client for nearly a year, who has been diabetic since birth, lost her eyesight 3 years ago, and has been receiving kidney dialysis treatments 3 times a week.

This client, Teresa, has been actively pursuing complementary healing energies including participating in the healing energy at Life's Pathway in Carefree, Indiana where a small group of people have been gathering to experience the energy of Mother Mary, in the form of the Lady of Light. Teresa has also been coming to my office for Reiki treatments twice a week, and has been trained through the Advanced Level of Reiki. She receives much distant Reiki from the group of healers we work with.

I was thrilled to have the addition of Magnified Healing and the organ regeneration technique to assist her.

Teresa has no health insurance, thus it took her over two years to even get on the list for organ transplants, and she finally made the list on June 7th of this year. She was told to be prepared to wait 6 months to 3 years for organs. I called her when I heard this news (I was on my way to Puerto Rico at the time). When I spoke to her she was concerned that it might take years, and didn't know if she could survive that long. We talked about healing miracles taking many forms, and that receiving the transplant could be her miracle.

As we have recently been hearing on the news in stories of Mickey Mantle, and other celebrities' transplant operations; it often takes years for patients to find the donor organs they need, and many times organs are not a match, so the patient goes back on the waiting list. Those with insurance are usually at the top of the list. Remember Teresa has no medical insurance.

On June 7th, she was put on the list to await the organs. On Sunday, June 18th, just 11 days later, I was taught the Magnified Healing Technique. At 9:55 that evening I applied this technique to the regular Distant Reiki treatment I send to her. Just before midnight on the 18th, just 2 hours later, she received a call to come into the hospital, the kidney and pancreas she needed had been located, and she was to be tested to see if they were a match for her. They were a good match, and by noon on Monday the 19th she was on her way to surgery.

My client received the transplant operation, and is recovering in the hospital at this writing and should be home in just a few days.

I know that all the healing energies she has been accessing were instrumental to her healing, the energy of the Lady of Light, Reiki, daily prayer, the love of her mother and many friends, and traditional medicine. I also know within every atom of my being that some sort of connection with the Magnified Healing energy and Reiki was a catalyst to expedite the process of receiving the organs.

Please remember Teresa in your distant Reiki as we focus on acceptance of the organs, and healing her eyes. As always we ask for her continued, perfect healing through the highest and most holy healing energies and know that this is done.

Wishing you peace through the Love of God.